Described by Royal Caribbean as “the best launch we’ve ever had”, bookings have instantly exploded for Royal Caribbean’s newly announced vessel Icon of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean’s Senior Vice President and Chief Product Innovation Officer Jay Schneider told Royal Caribbean Blog: “It was the fastest we ever sold a ship, the best-booked position by a ship at this point from a social media and media buzz, it’s been the best product launch we’ve ever had.

“So it’s been a home run success.”

Mr Schneider pulls no punches when discussing the ambition of the ship.

“We believe we have created the best family vacation in the world that could compete with anything else you’re going to go do.

“And notice we didn’t say cruise in the world. I said vacation.”

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley echoed the sentiment that Icon of the Seas is aiming to stand amongst the most spectacular holiday offerings across the globe.

“The Icon product, along with Perfect Day, with the kind of experiences that we’re offering, with the kind of new accommodations that we have on Icon and the experiences that we have for young families, older families and of course couples and singles and what have you, is really squarely standing shoulder to shoulder with Orlando and those kind of destinations.”

Here’s the highlights of what we already know about what’s soon to be the worlds biggest cruise ship.

Icon of the Seas.

Crown’s Edge

Crown’s Edge will be a brand new activity arriving with Icon. This thrilling experience combines a ropes course, skywalk and endless ocean views into one high adrenaline activity.

It has been confirmed that you will have to pay extra for Crown’s Edge and it won’t be included in your base bare.

There’s no solarium but…

Mr Schneider says the lack of the well-known adults-only solarium on Icon is very purposeful: “It’s not missing, it’s purposely not there.”

Mr Schneider said that after careful research, different adults-only offerings have instead been crafted. Venues Cloud 17, The Hideaway and the Overlook Lounge have been imagined and reimagined to offer a more diverse array of adults-only experiences.

“The three of those together far over index what we think kind of an equivalent solarium experience would be.”

1400 bar

The brand new 1400 bar will be coming to Icon of the Seas. It’ll be located on the Royal Promenade, visible right as you walk onto the ship.

The name stands as a reference to the production number the ship was given at the Meyer Turku shipyard where it was constructed.

The bar will offer sleek elegance and windows overlooking the ocean.

Just how big is it?

The ship packs in 20 decks, potential for 7600 guests and 2350 crew, and is 365 metres long and 250, 800 gross tons.

As it stands when it enters into operation it will be the largest cruise ship in the world.

New dining options

Mr Schneider revealed that there will be more than 40 food and beverage options on the ship and 23 will be brand new.

Royal Caribbean Blog revealed the name of four new dining venues that Royal Caribbean is yet to reveal details of. These being Sorrentos, Boleros, Giovanni’s Italian Table and Spotlight Karaoke, suggesting a strong focus on Italian food.

Furthermore, Izumi sushi in Central Park will now have a ‘sushi to go’ window, where you can quickly grab your sushi and take it around the ship with you.

More renderings of the massive ship.

New premium dining experiences

While Royal are still tight-lipped on the exact details, we know that the Chef’s Table dining experience has evolved into something called Celebration Table, offering a new take on top-of-the-line dining. Celebration Table will be found in the AquaDome.

Another new dining concept still shrouded in mystery is the new Supper Club. Leaked images suggest extremely elegant dining, with more details likely to arrive soon.

Eco mode

Despite its mammoth size, Icon of the Seas isn’t neglecting the environment. Air conditioning in the staterooms will now work differently.

When you leave your cabin the system will detect this and switch your air conditioning into an eco-mode setting, then when you return and scan your SeaPass card, the refreshing breeze will return.

The ship will also be powered by six liquefied natural gas engines, the first of Royal’s ships to be so. Furthermore, 90% of the fresh water onboard will be formulated in the reverse osmosis desalination plant.

Swim-up bar

Royal Caribbean will have its first swim-up bar with Swim & Tonic. Nestled into the Chill Island Neighbourhood, you can sip drinks without ever having to leave the pool and stop basking in the sun.