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New 2018 Guide

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Ovation of the Seas is on her way to Australia (with a few stopovers along the way) and will be arriving in December. At the official launch function this week Royal Caribbean’s president and CEO Michael Bayley announced that the ship would be ‘tweaked’ for the Australian market.

Royal Caribbean confirmed that Vegemite and local beers would be added to the menu, but wouldn’t elaborate on any further changes.

So we’ve used our imagination. Here are our top five suggestions for other ways they could Australianise Ovation of the Seas.

1. Change all the language on the signs to “strine”
2. Take down the giant panda and replace it with a koala
3. Serve crocodile and kangaroo in the main dining room
4. Replace the putting green with a cricket pitch
5. Have Crocodile Dundee and Priscilla themed party nights
What do you think? Tell us your suggestions for changes they could make and we’ll award the best five a Cruise Passenger apron!

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