Once upon a time (about 35 years ago), a shipload of explorers set a course for adventure, their minds on a new romance, as the opening song goes. The Love Boat became a hit TV show. 

Captain Stubing and his trusty crew aboard The Love Boat brightened many evenings for millions of viewers and is said to have caused the revival of cruising in the US and beyond.

Well this last weekend saw Captain Stubing, better known as actor Gavin MacLeod, sail into Sydney, as a passenger aboard Pacific Princess, one of my favourite ships.  The original Pacific Princess was used in many episodes of The Love Boat and was the setting for the hit TV series.

Thirty-five years ago I was a producer at 20th Century Fox studios in Los Angeles and my office was next door to The Love Boat set.  I spent many hours popping in to chat with the actors and crew and perhaps this inspired my love of cruising.