After settling into our stateroom on the ship – sorry, yacht – we set sail.   SeaDream emphasise that their ships are yachts, but to me they are just small, intimate ships – oh well!  As one might expect on a yacht, the staterooms were a fraction smaller than on a bigger ship, the bathroom was small, but then I’m a pretty big bloke! However, the shower recess was an excellent size.  No balconies on yachts, but the large picture window made up for it and we spent very little time in our cabin anyway.

I wondered why the vessel didn’t sink as there was so much Champagne on board, the real stuff, not the fake sparkling wine that so many ships pass off as the real thing.  Actually all drinks were included in the ticket price, with the exception of some higher priced wines and spirits, which I never saw anyone order.  My wife Sandra is a Champagne lover and made it her duty to keep consuming the sparkling beverage whenever possible.  She couldn’t come close to a great American couple on board, who must hold the world record for Champagne consumption. They started at breakfast and drank the golden beverage virtually non-stop until retirement. I’m told they slept very well.  Like most of the passengers, they always had a smile on their faces.

Our first meal, like all meals on board, was of the finest quality, not as big a menu choice as on larger vessels, but more than enough.  I found desserts a little oversweet, but their homemade ice creams were out of this world. I must confess that most nights I had double helpings.  My favourite dinner was the prime rib which was the best I’ve ever had.

Next stop: Tangier, Morocco.