At Sea: Day Five – Expeditions are about exploring, meeting new people… and food.

Let’s face it, if you’ve been out in the Zodiacs looking for that wildlife moneyshot, you’ve earned a well-cooked meal.

Serving food on an expedition ship is a culinary artform in itself. Did you know Australia’s renowned international chef, Serge Dansereau created National Geographic Orion’s degustation menu?

He’s been behind the wonderful food we serve for the past 10 years.

Executive chef Lothar Greiner who has also worked with the well-known chef to create on board meals, told me the ship has embraced Serge’s French techniques and use of local produce.

“As the onboard Executive Chef, I share the same love of Classical French Cuisine with Serge and have embraced his philosophies over many years and our highly trained dedicated Chefs are able to reproduce selected menus here onboard the National Geographic Orion,” he said.

“All of the other onboard menus are created by myself and lend themselves to a similar food philosophy.

“I am able to create further options and variety on our menus and use produce from the local market places in all of our destinations.”

Lothar says ingredients are sourced from New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific.

So as National Geographic Orion sailed from Norfolk Island to Tanna Island in Vanuatu, I decided to use my sea day to concentrate on one thing – eat.

Greeted by my waiter I settled on a three-course meal.

For my entrée I ordered the grilled kingfish topped with sweet crisp sweet corn, pickled rice wine vinegar – wakame, delicious ricotta and chicken tapioca.

It was cooked to perfection.

Next up was my main – a roast beef fillet with grilled asparagus and confit potato, black garlic, parmesan and picked onion shells.

But then it was time for the most important meal of any sitting – dessert.

I’d selected the chocolate pave with chai mousse, white chocolate jelly, hazelnut soil and chocolate ice cream.

It was chocolate overload and I was loving it! It was a part for my senses and I recommend anyone on National Geographic Orion try the chocolate pave.

By the end of the day, I felt like I may have gained a couple of kilos, but it didn’t stop me from joining other guests in the Leda Lounge for a glass of chilled champagne.

Tomorrow, I will be sure to join the walks awaiting at Vanuatu.

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WORDS: Jeremy Lindblad