Our final day had come around quickly and there was still so much I wanted to do and see aboard Carnival Breeze.

Tempted to stay aboard for another day, I succumbed to the logic that I had never visited Palma de Mallorca and should experience what I had heard was a gorgeous port and also part of the region oft known as “Costa del Crime”.

Would I spot a millionaire fraudster in my travels?

I had booked the four-hour City Sightseeing tour through Carnival and was looking forward to experiencing a snippet of the cosmopolitan city I had heard so much about.

Attracting 1.5 million cruise passengers in 2011, Palma is the second most popular cruise port in Spain after Barcelona.

First stop was Bellver Castle where we had the opportunity to take a photo outside the Gothic-style castle that overlooks Palma and its harbour.

The oldest round castle in this style in Europe, construction commenced in 1300 and it took nine years to build.

Crossing the drawbridge where a moat used to lay, I longed to see inside, so added a return visit to my ever-growing mental bucket list.

Stopping for a coffee in town, I enjoyed the chance to people watch as Palma came to life in the early morning. Ironically, I did choose to have a beverage from McDonalds but sitting on the sidewalk I was able to embark on this favourite activity of mine when travelling…and the chai latte was surprising enjoyable!

Our guide headed the tour through the Gothic quarter to Spain’s second largest Gothic-style cathedral, La Seo was designed by renowned modernist architect Antoni Gaudi who believes he reached perfection with the cathedral that stands tall in the city’s Gothic quarter.

The striking cathedral cuts an almost fairy tale likeness near the water and, once again, my inner photographer takes flight.

From a masterpiece to a reproduction, we head to the Spanish Village and, whilst it provided a good opportunity to enjoy a cool drink, it felt a tad odd to wander around a reproduction of a Spanish village whilst actually in Spain. I would have much preferred to experience the real thing rather than facades.

Essentially a mini Epcot Centre, the Village was built in 1965 and reproduces monuments, houses and buildings from various regions in Spain.

A replica of the larger Spanish Village in Barcelona, it houses a restaurant and gift shop and would be a great set for a movie. I could just imagine a masked Antonio Banderas bounding from the rooftops whilst a beleaguered Catherine Zeta Jones called out to him.

The organ of La Seo

As it turns out, Catherine Zeta Jones spends a lot of time in the Costa Nord region, where her husband, Michael Douglas, owns the Cultural Centre, so perhaps my daydream isn’t as farfetched as it originally seemed!

Heading back to the ship, we are given the option to stop back in the city and take advantage of one of the many shuttle buses travelling to the ship every fifteen minutes.

Even though it’s a free option for those on a shore tour, I decide to spend my afternoon on the ship and sample Cucina del Capitano’s complimentary pasta bar for lunch.

Selecting a pasta type, sauce and ingredients, I take a seat in the cosy restaurant but am surprised by the constant banging. Initially thinking that perhaps there was some construction, I find out that it’s because the basketball court is above the restaurant…guess I wasn’t going to have the relaxed lunch I initially thought I would have!

Spending the afternoon relaxing on my balcony, I prepare for my final evening aboard the ship that I had called home for 12 days.

Number one on my list of activities for the evening was a visit to the 5D Thrill Theatre. Located on deck 4 mid-ship, guests can choose from purchasing an individual ticket for USD$7.95 or an unlimited pass for USD$14.95 that is valid for the entire voyage.

The Theatre had been out of action for several days but was back up and raring to take me

Spanish Village

to the centre of the action of “Ice Age”. A variety of short-movies and experiences were offered over our voyage but I was really pleased with the option on this Tuesday evening.

Most passengers must have been completing their last minute packing, so I was the only person in the Theatre…I felt very special!

From squirts of water to bubbles, air under the seat to the chairs moving in time to the 3D experiences on the screen, you truly felt a part of the action; there were even things that poked into your back through the chairs!

Just making it to our final Blush Dining Room dinner, I bid my waiters a fond farewell and relished one of the last delectable dinners before I would have to cook for myself again.

Having enjoyed the comedy of Jason Blanchard and Smiley Joe Wiley the night before, we headed straight to the Punchliner Comedy Club for another two adults only shows.

Being the final night, the club wasn’t as packed as the night before but the comedy still hit the mark, with Jason calling on several men from the audience to assist him in a special towel folding competition.

Timmy was the winner and spent the night fending off congratulations…and sharing the champagne that he had won!

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Words: Natalie Aroyan