More Allure stats: The Central Park Neighborhood is a living park at sea, with 12,175 plants, 62 vine plants 56 trees and bamboo plants – and even piped birdsong. There are five restaurants in the precinct and the Rising Tide bar moves up and down between Central Park (Deck 8) and the Royal Promenade (Deck 5).

Day 2 … After a 9am press conference in the ice rink, hosted by Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO Richard Fain, the press contingent started our ‘immersion’ programs. First off was an introduction to the ship’s specialty cuisines and the restaurants’ chefs at Giovanni’s Table. There were samples of dishes from 150 Central Park (the most upmarket on the ship, named after the ship’s 150th structural frame), Boardwalk Doghouse (26 different types of snags) and Rita’s Cantina (Mexican). Dozens of margaritas in all colours of the rainbow were lined up on the tables but sadly it was a little early for cocktails. Probably a good thing, as we were also learning about the Vintages wine and tapas bar’s new interactive iPad wine list and menu – you can ask your waiter to bring you whatever you request without even having to speak to him or her (in several languages). Its main use is really to learn about the wines on offer (cheaCopies of ‘Carte du Jour’, RCC’s newest cookbook – shipped in straight from the printer – were signed by all the speciality restaurant chefs. Talking about food, dinner at Adagio was top-quality and breakfast and lunch at the Solarium Bistro (Deck 5) offers a terrific range of super-fresh, light dishes. We checked out the Royal Loft Suite (Deck 17) and there were more than a few sighs of lust and envy from the stickybeaks – it is a huge, two-level penthouse apartment with spa pool on the balcony and expensively minimalist in design. It looks over the aft of the ship, where you’ll find the Flowrider pools and Zipline. RCC Chairman and CEO Richard Fain was hosting a surfing contest at one Flowrider pool this afternoon – he might be a grandfather but obviously a very fit one as the pace looks pretty fierce. More ‘immersion’ sessions followed throughout the day, including a tour through the Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness and Center and later, a tour of the bridge with the amazingly youthful Captain Zini. More later on the ‘entertainment ship’ when we’ve experienced the Rising Tide Bar and another lavish dinner at Adagio!