Whether you are a first–time cruiser, a sceptic who thinks seaborne vacations aren’t your thing or an experienced cruiser wanting to learn more, this is the quiz for you.

It tells you what kind of cruiser you are – then matches those preferences with some of our best-known cruise lines. With a raft of choices, this fun quiz will help you plan your next dream vacation. Let the questions begin!

1 You’ve just won the grand prize on a game show and can take any of these cars as your prize. You choose…

a. A Toyota Prius Hybrid

b. A seven-seater Ford Territory

c. A Subaru Forester

d. A BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

e. A Volkswagen BeetleNorwegian Cruise Line

f. A vintage MG convertible

2 You favourite sport activity is…

a. A long bushwalk

b. Coaching a kid’s soccer team

c. Heli-skiing in New Zealand

d. A fabulous day of golfing

e. Screaming encouragement to your team at the footy

f. Horseback riding along the beach with your partner

3 It’s dinner time and your empty stomach is telling you…

a. To make a big salad with fresh vegetables from your garden

b. That the kitchen is a mess – let’s go out for pizza!

c. To try that newly opened Korean-fusion restaurant

d. It wants pan-seared filet mignon and a glass of red

e. To call up your friends for Happy Hour – beer and sliders half price!

f. To surprise your partner at work and take them out for Italian

4 On a Saturday night you can be found…

a. Wandering through a visiting history exhibition

b. Racing go-carts at the local family entertainment centre

c. With your toes in the sand on a last-minute island getaway

d. On your way to the opera

e. Rocking out with your friends to Livin’ on a Prayer at a karaoke bar

f. Watching Sleepless in Seattle – again!

5 In high school you…

a. Were in the cooking club, the drama club, the debating club and the gardening club

b. Always hosted sleep-overs for your friends

c. Organised a trip to the local rock-climbing wall

d. Were school captain and/or best-dressed in the yearbook

e. Were the nominated ringleader for the graduation after-party

f. Wrote love letters to your crush instead of focusing on quadratic equations in maths

Now, it’s time for your results!

Mostly As: Enriching cruiser

You love to learn and try new things. You want a cruise line that will offer you programs to learn about the region you are sailing through, as well as enhancing yourself as an individual during your cruise vacation.
You will love our reviews on Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America

Mostly Bs: Family cruiser

You love fun at-sea holidays that the whole family can enjoy.
Read our stories on Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises.

Mostly Cs: Expedition cruiser

Adventure, exploration and visiting new places are your dominant traits. You will love Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises and MSC.

Mostly Ds: Luxury cruiser

You love the best-of-the-best and enjoy the finest service, amenities, dining and activities available at sea. You will love APT and Cunard. Read our story on APT here

Mostly Es: Social cruiser

Whether you are sailing solo and ready to mingle, on a girlfriend getaway ready for some fun or just want to meet new friends.
You will love these music cruises

Mostly Fs: Romantic Cruiser

You love sailing with cruise lines that offer great couple’s amenities and are filled with romantic and classic elegance!

Image courtesy: zlife.zumba.com