Two MSC ships are caught on camera bumping into one another

These captains were having a bad day – seven cruise ship fender benders

Last week, one Holland America ship had a little bit of trouble reversing into its parking spot.

While the Oosterdam was manoeuvring her way into Vancouver Port near Canada Bay, she gently nudged her sister ship, the Nieuw Amsterdam while she was trying to dock, stern to stern.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the collision but six of the Nieuw Amsterdam’s stateroom verandas suffered some damage from the collision (some minor scuffs really).

But the incident happens more often than you think.

In 2009, there is footage of the Carnival Legend and a Royal Caribbean vessel bumping together after strong winds in Cozumel in Mexico pushed the ships together.

Footage shows passengers hanging their heads out of their stateroom balconies to see the mayhem going on.

Another video at the beginning of 2019 shows two MSC ships scraping past one another in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Passengers on the MSC Orchestra filmed their ship, scraping past the MSC Poisea. Luckily, like the Carnival and Royal Caribbean collision, no one was hurt.

Here it is below: