Carnival Cruise Lines has stubbed out a debate on whether smoking be banned on its popular Serenity Deck.

John Heald, a senior cruise director for Carnival Cruises and a popular online personality, has confirmed Carnival won’t be making changes to onboard smoking policy, despite some calls to do so.

The rule in question is that whether smoking should be banned on the Serenity Deck, and some passengers have been calling a for a change in this policy.

“One thing I will not be able to help with are the changes people requested for the gorgeous Serenity Decks we have on our ships.

“Firstly a request to make one side a smoking section. “P” said “we live in a free society, and if Carnival’s smokers want to smoke, then that is their right and that includes on serenity deck.”

“Well we do indeed live in a free society but we also live in a more non smoking world then ever before. So while we will continue to provide outdoor smoking areas for as long as possible, we will not be allowing smoking on Serenity Deck.” 

Should smoking be banned?

Commenters ranged in their responses. 

Some, like Angel Goins, felt despite being a smoker, the rule is a fair one.

“I am a smoker but I totally agree with no smoking on the Serenity Deck because just because I smoke not everyone else does. I respect that.”

However, other commenters such as Jeff Henderson want not just more smoking spots onboard, but also more vaping spots.

“Vaping should be allowed on Serenity and more outside areas. There is no fire, hazardous smoke, or ash.”

Commenter Gary Boswell said he was very glad to hear Serenity will remain unbothered by smokers.

“Please leave Serenity as it is. With all due respect to my smoking friends, there is nothing serene about smelling cigarette smoke while you’re trying to relax. There is too much competition for a chair now, and invariably non-smokers would be forced to either sit next to a smoker(s) or not enjoy the serenity deck.”

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No smoking

Princess Cruises: Should smoking be banned in the casino?

A common debate amongst Princess Cruises is if smoking should be banned in all indoor areas, most notably in the casino. 

Frequent Princess Cruiser Robert Baron made an online post that received a lot of attention.

“Smoking needs to be banned indoors on Princess cruises, period. Just because it was done for centuries doesn’t mean we need to keep this unhealthy and dangerous norm and nuisance going in the 21st century.

“And please, for all of you smokers or casino apologists that think smoking is important for the casino’s revenue … if you are a gambling addict, I promise you will still gamble just as much. Better yet, the other non-smokers may gamble more.

“Princess Cruises, it’s time to wake up and take a stand against smoking indoors.”

There was heavy backlash from smokers, who felt they were having their rights impeded on.

Amy Ketchum Makley said: “Complain all you want, all your doing is feeding a discussion that cannot be solved here. We all have rights, we all pay the same fare, smokers have as much right as a non smoker. You want change then complain to the cruise line.

However, other cruisers were extremely upset at this suggestion, and felt smokers should not be impeding on the enjoyment and health of their holiday.

Lynne Laviolette Snyder wrote: “’I’m sorry, but this BS about “rights” is ridiculous. Yes, smokers do have the right to smoke if they like. But they do not have the right to make those around them sick because of it. The right to smoke is one thing, but there’s no such thing as the right to harm others while you do it. It’s that concept that’s at the centre of all no smoking ordinances everywhere. The dangers of second-hand smoke were proven a long time ago.

“If smokers want to smoke, fine. That’s their decision and they have the right to smoke if they want. But when that choice directly affects the health of others around them, there’s a problem. They don’t have the right to do that.”

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Cruisers ask for changes to Royal Caribbean smoking areas

Royal Caribbean cruiser Brad O’Carroll made a post on a popular Royal Caribbean online forum, sharing his concern for the proximity of Royal Caribbean smoking areas to the public pool, and him and his kids breathing in the smoke. The post quickly garnered hundreds of comments as cruisers debated back and forth.

“As a non smoker that does not want to be in a public area ie… Pool Area where there are kids and general public smelling and breathing in passive smoke exhaled from someone’s else’s lungs.

“There should be designated sealed smoking booths where the exhaled is contained and disposed of in a way that is not harmful to any other person.

“Where the smokers are situated in the pool area is open to the public and depending on wind direction there smoke engulfs the entire pool area and it’s not acceptable as we now know exhaled smoke is as poisonous to those breathing it in.”

Some comments supporting smoking onboard received a lot of backing, such as this one from Todd Mohr.

“Has the world gotten to this now really? Smokers are already discriminated against and /ostracized as it is, why make it worse? Also, for the record I’m a non smoker. Also if you know where the smokers area is why go through there? The wind can’t be helped, I get that bit, but if there are only two areas why walk through them?

Smokers speak up

Lyla Carroll similarly stuck up for smokers.

“ I’m sorry but as a smoker I find a lot of these comments disgusting, we have rights as well and for some of us we took up smoking when it was acceptable and after 30+ years of smoking it is not an easy habit to quit. I think what I find really disturbing about some of the comments is the total lack of respect for others choices.

“The other thing for all you whining Nancy’s is most smokers are actually very respectful of non smokers which absolutely cannot be said in return.”