New research from the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia said that one in four Australians will cruise in 2024 and this year. And they will be getting younger.

Millennials and Gen Z passengers are driving the increased demand. Around 35 per cent of Australians under 35 planning to cruise this year.

And only 18 per cent of those over 65 were planning to cruise.

A national survey of 2,000 Australians conducted by Pure Profile revealed that Aussies planning to sail this year has increased from seven per cent to 26 per cent, despite the cost of living pressures.

“Cruises offer great value for money, which Australians care about now more than ever,” said Margy Osmon, the CEO of TTF.

“Combined with all the exciting new experiences available in Australia’s cruise sector, that’s why we’re seeing cruising take off.

“We need government to work with industry to further support the cruise sector, to make sure the increased appetite for cruise holidays can be met and to help boost the economy.”

The most ‘cruise curious’ Australians under 35 are from the Northern Territory followed by those in New South Wales.

“Any misconception cruises are only for retirees and families is outdated,” Osmond continued.

“This year, more young Australians will enjoy a cruise catered to their preferences.

“From Michelin-star restaurants and yoga, to tattoo parlours, free Wi-Fi and other services for remote workers, there’s something for everyone.”

Where are we sailing?

North Queensland remains the most popular Australian cruise destination for 2024. Tasmania, Sydney, and Kangaroo Island were also top on the list.

“It’s a great result for North Queensland tourism operators, who lost revenue from the devastating floods and cyclone over the Christmas and New Year Period,” Osmond said.

The region is well and truly open for business and still the most appealing destination for cruise holidays.”

Internationally, we are still looking for cruises to New Zealand, followed by Europe, the South Pacific. Fiji and Vanuatu were the most popular destinations in the South Pacific.