Food and drink offerings aboard Ovation of the Seas will be tailored to suit Aussies ahead of her first season Down Under.

Australians are fussy about their beer, so local brews will be included. Kangaroo may also find its way onto the menu. Sorry, Skip.

And a local mixologist will be competing with the robot barmen to serve the best spirits and cocktails.

The move to “Oz-ify” the world’s most technologically advanced ship is a sign of Royal Caribbean’s dedication to the Australian market.

Carnival Cruise Lines has made a major marketing point of changing their American ship to suit the local market, coining the phrase “Aussification”.

The Royal Caribbean changes were announced recently at a press conference in Singapore.

RCL’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Adam Armstrong, told Cruise Passenger the Ovation of the Seas was creating huge interest, and the luxury suites on the ship were selling very well.

Cruise Passenger travelled on Ovation in Asia last month and was mightily impressed. One thing that was a disappointment, however, was the American coffee. RCL has said it will alter its coffee offerings to appeal to an Antipodean audience.

RCL will make a formal announcement about its “Oz-ification” of Ovation in coming weeks.