New Zealand authorities have confirmed cruise passengers have been added to the list of travellers arriving in the country who are now required to fill in a New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD) form. 

Until recently, the Traveller Declaration applied to those arriving by air. It also applied to those on small craft, commercial and specialist vessels and fishing boats, among others.

“Customs can confirm that the New Zealand Traveller Declaration is in trials with cruise ships,” NZ Customs Service said. 

“Those trials will be evaluated at the end of next month [April] and decisions on when to introduce the system for cruise passengers will happen after that evaluation.”

The NZTD is an online system that is used to complete a travel declaration before travelling to, or returning to, New Zealand.

Passengers travelling on any cruise ship which is trialling the digital declaration should be shared the information by their line.

It includes customs, immigration and biosecurity questions, as well as health risk assessments – if required.

It also requires passengers to declare details of their passport, flight or sea voyage details and contact details including where they will be based in New Zealand. It also requires their immigration status, details about their trip, including a recent travel history. They also must declare certain items they may be bringing into New Zealand.

Passengers asked to make digital declaration

Passengers aboard Grand Princess were recently asked to make a digital declaration as part of that trial which Princess Lines has agreed to. 

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the declaration using an app. The app can also be used to scan a passport which uploads the passenger details.

Passengers receive a confirmation email and reference number after they submit their declaration.

If the mobile app is not available or cannot be downloaded, travellers can complete a digital declaration by visiting the NZ Traveller Declaration website from their device.

Paper declarations will be provided to those onboard who are unable to complete a digital declaration. The form must be completed by the time they reach the first port of arrival in New Zealand. 

Those permanently disembarking or  transiting New Zealand who have completed a digital declaration need to do nothing further.

Those with a paper declaration need to hand it to a border officer at the end of their trip.

Passengers may be required to present it to a border officer at any point in their journey in New Zealand.

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A still from the New Zealand Customs video explaining how to fill in the traveller declaration form.
A still from the New Zealand Customs video explaining how to fill in the form.