The MSC Magnifica departed from Genoa, Italy yesterday on MSC Cruises’ second ever world cruise which spans 117-days, 43 destinations and also has a line-up of 10 award-winning chefs from around the globe.

The chef line up includes Sydney Morning Herald’s “Chef of the Year” Serge Dansereau of Bathers Pavilion who be presenting an exclusive menu inspired by France with an international twist.

There are also other acclaimed chefs from around the world representing cuisines from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Hawaii, China, India and Germany.

Three Michelin starred German Chef Harald Wohlfahrt, two Michelin starred Spanish Chef Ramón Freixa, internationally-renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi and other celebrity chefs from MasterChef Colombia and Bake Off Argentina are also featured in the line up.

For a closer look at the destinations that MSC Magnifica will be sailing up to, follow the team of eight content creators that MSC has partnered with.

They will be joining the cruise in different segments of the 23-country voyage which begins in Italy and concludes in Jordan after a circumnavigation of the globe.

Many of the content creators are seasoned travel vloggers on YouTube and they will be doing a ‘relay race’ in capturing their experiences ashore.

The MSC Cruises relay team consists of Evan Edinger (US), MolaViajar (Spain), Sami & Vale (Chile), Kenza SMG (France), Travel and Share (Brazil), Emre Durmuş (Turkey), Marcello Ascani (Italy), Ceci De Viaje (Argentina).

The full chef line-up includes:

Two Michelin starred Spanish Chef Ramón Freixa

Veteran Brazilian Chef and restauranteur Allan Vila Espejo

Bake Off Argentina star Chef Christophe Krywonis

MasterChef Colombia jury member Chef Jorge Rausch

Chef James Berckemeyer

Internationally-renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi

Sydney Morning Herald’s “Chef of the Year”, French-Canadian Chef Serge Dansereau

Chinese chef Jereme Leung

Decorated Indian-American Chef Vikas Khanna

Three Michelin starred German Chef Harald Wohlfahrt