More than 20 Australians are already booked for Life At Seas Cruises inaugural three-year voyage.

But many could be sailing well beyond that. Life At Sea Cruises is changing the voyage from a three-year cruise to “the cruise that never ends”, and at a price of around $162 a day they think it’s a snip.

As the cruise departure date grows closer and interest continue to rise, CEO of Miray Cruises Kendra Holmes saw many guests actually wanted to live on a cruise ship. Giving her the idea for a cruise that never finished.

Cruisers will now be able to embark at different points in the itinerary and pay for a rolling three-year cruise.

The planned three-year itinerary will then continue to new destinations rather than rehashing the previous ports, Holmes says: “It’s become the cruise that never ends”.

How the cruise without end was born

A Life At Sea spokesperson said the decision to make the cruise indefinite began from a range of guests who couldn’t quite make the embarkation date.

“We’ve had many potential guests reach out to us recently that really want to go but just can’t make November work due to how close they are to sailing.

“Since LASC is doing this to give people an amazing opportunity of a lifetime, we wanted to find a way to accommodate anyone who wanted to embark on this journey.

“The three-year commitment is still there because that is what our itinerary is based on, but they will just start at a different time. At the end of the first three years the itinerary will change. It will still go around the world but will go to different ports so for those who are currently booked, they will have an option to extend at a discounted rate, travel around the world again but get to see many different places.”

The next three-year itinerary is still under development.

Kendra Holmes, CEO of the cruise line that offers guests to literally live on a cruise ship for three years.
CEO of Miray Cruises, Kendra Holmes.

Embarkation options for the around the world cruise

Guests can currently choose to book from any of the following starter points.

  • Leaves from Istanbul on November 1 2023
  • Barcelona November 6 2023
  • Freeport November 15 2023
  • Rio de Janeiro 20 December 2023
  • Panama 9 February 2024
  • Panama City 30 April 2024
  • Vancouver 12 July 2024

Aussie interest to live on a cruise ship

A total of 15% of all enquiries have come from Australia, showing Aussies are highly interested at the idea of spending their lives at sea. There are over 20 Aussies already booked in and ready to sail when the cruise leaves in two months.

Overall, the cruise is 50% booked, and Life At Sea say they are aiming for 85% capacity.

The cruise line also reports people around the world who have been selling their homes and car, choosing to trade their material possessions for a life at sea.


  • An inside cabin starts from around $64,613 per year
  • A premium inside cabin starts from around $80,300 per year
  • A standard outside cabin starts from around $100,939 per year
  • A superior outside cabin starts from around $111,235 per year
  • A deluxe outside cabin starts from around $136, 973 per year
  • A balcony cabin starts from around $152, 415 per year

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