Forget working from home. Cruise lines are targeting digital nomads with new “workation” offering.

Azamara Cruises has just launched a “work and wander” program for professionals, for instance.

“With Starlink’s high-speed internet, office equipment, and dedicated IT support, guests will have everything they need to work onboard,” says the company.

“Like-minded professionals can connect with each other through exclusive gatherings, fostering invaluable networking opportunities.”

Life At Sea Cruises has come up long-term itineraries that include business facilities.

Life at Sea has launched a three-year, 210,000 kilometre, escape-your-daily-life cruise for a relatively affordable US$30,000 per person per year.

Now several other lines are planning similar tailored offerings to allow passengers to work and roam the world. It will allow younger guests to travel while nurturing their careers and earning money.

Cruise ships can be a great working environment. Working on a cruise means working without worrying about cooking, cleaning, or travel logistics. 

Royal Caribbean has an excellent example.

Super Mario, Royal Caribbean’s top cruiser and a markets trader, has been working remotely on the cruise line’s ships for almost 20 years.

Azamara Cruises, the four ship premium line, is believed to be among those considering a new cruise offering which could be launched in eight weeks time.

The four-ship line was bought from Royal Caribbean two years ago by Sycamore Partners. The private equity firm is now ready to break with the past.

Azamara, which sails in Australia from December, is working hard to create innovative new offerings distinguish them out from other premium cruise lines.

New digital nomads

The burgeoning nomadic digital life, a by-product of the pandemic’s work-from-home orders, has created a new form of traveller. They want to experience different cultures and move around the world while continuing to earn a living.

So living and working on cruise ships either for a company or as a freelancer is a growing trend.

The Internet is crucial to attract high-net-worth workers.

Royal Caribbean recently upgraded its internet package. So did Azamara.

Super Mario RCI guest Mr Salcedo is still running a business from his laptop and doesn’t have children or anyone else he’s financially responsible for.

Mr Salcedo couldn’t consider himself happier, with nearly 8000 days spent aboard Royal Caribbean ships. But he needs a clear focus.

The program allows guests to stay onboard for up to 30 consecutive days in the same cabin and offers business service.