If you feel like COVID stole your ability to adventure, Hurtigruten’s unbelievable 93-day cruise spanning Alaska, the Caribbean, the Northwest Passage, Greenland, the Panama Canal, South America and Antarctica will allow you to catch up in style.

This epic journey was announced alongside another amazing itinerary: a 66-day expedition from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Hurtigruten Expeditions CEO Asta Lassesen commented: “These extraordinary expedition cruises will offer more bucket-list destinations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences than we have ever before offered in one voyage. They will showcase some of the most spectacular nature and wildlife of our planet and offer authentic encounters with unique cultures.”

The 93-day itinerary will depart from Vancouver on 8 August, 2022. It’ll then pass through 11 countries and Antarctica on its way to Buenos Aires. Passengers will be aboard the MS Roald Amundsen, which is named after the first explorer to reach both the North and South Poles.

The cruise will go through the isolated Aleutian Islands on the Alaskan Peninsula, as well as the completely deserted St. Matthew Island, before crossing the Arctic Circle and setting sail for the Northwest Passage to Greenland and Baffin Island.

Further stops on the way to Buenos Aires will include Belize, Nicaragua, the Panama Canal and South America, as well as Antarctica.

There’s even an extra element of adventure onboard, as you can fill your days feeling like David Attenborough as you mingle with passengers, crew and researchers in the Amundsen Science Centre.

The Science Centre is filled with technology and science equipment used by researchers and fully interactive for you, giving you an enriched understanding of the areas, you explore. There’s even a lecture space and a small library to teach you about photography, biology and more.

Also hanging out here will be Hurtigruten’s Expedition team, who are handpicked cruise hosts, spanning conservationists, journalists, oceanographers, anthropologists and more, ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Not only will you be gazing your eyes over some of the most unique landscapes and regions on earth, but you’ll also be gaining a true understanding of these areas, informed by experts.

One of the two masters who will be captaining the MS Roald Amundsen on the voyage, Terje Johnny Willassen spoke excitedly about the announcement.

“Exploring some of the most remote and unique waters of the world for 93 or 66 days, some only accessible by small expedition ships like ours, make these guests true modern explorers. These are exceptional opportunities that only very, very few people get to experience.”

Your 93-day itinerary

From days two to 17, expect to be spotting bears, photographing fjords and cruising past active volcanoes as you explore the most remote corners of Alaska. After cruising through the Arctic Circle and passing the International Date Line, you’ll have 10 days exploring the Northwest Passage.

alaska bears hurtigruten
The brown bears of Alaska

This means you’ll be observing the colourful orange hues of Smoking Hills, visiting and learning about Inuit communities and stepping onto Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world. This will all be while keeping a keen eye out for whales, fur seals and polar bears.

Days 33 to 40 will be all about Greenland and the Atlantic as you get up close to the UNESCO Heritage Site of Ilulissat, where colourful Scandinavian homes meet picture perfect icebergs. You’ll also be able to say you stayed in a town where the ratio of people to sled dogs is almost one to one.

icebergs of greenland
The icebergs of Greenland

As you sail through to Canada some highlights will include another UNESCO site, Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere and the famous art museums of Maine. This is before you can enjoy a quick return to city life as you explore the cobbled streets and famed cuisine of Boston.

By day 53 you’ll be all prepped to explore the Caribbean. Passing through Florida on your way to Belize, where you can enjoy some of the best diving in the world at Lighthouse Reef, before moving onto the tropical beauty of Colombia and Nicaragua.

belize underwater
The underwater world of Belize

You’ll pass through Bocas del Toro in Panama, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, where you can snorkel with tropical fish before hiking past a sloth.

The historic Panama Canal will be the next stop, spotting everything from alligators to monkey’s before immersing yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Some of the most memorable moments will include viewing the historical Nazca Lines in Peru, stepping into the endless sands of the Atacama Desert in Chile and snapping photos in the unbelievably colourful and charming town of Valparaiso, also in Chile.

From here on in, nothing but wilderness exploring will be on your mind as you make it to Patagonia. The battery on your camera will be strained as you try to photograph everything from the Chilean fjords to the impossibly perfect landscapes of Tierra del Fuego and the magnificent feat of rounding Cape Horn.

After 87 days of daily moments that you’ll take with you to the grave, the highlight will come right at the end as you arrive in Antarctica. You’ll be landing across any of more than 20 different sites as you observe thousands of penguins marching to the sea, assist the researchers in whale and leopard seal spotting and analysing phytoplankton, as you work your way through landscapes that a photograph or description could never do justice to.

Your journey will end back in one of the liveliest cities on the planet, as you can reflect on the adventure gone by as you enjoy the art, music and food of the beautiful Buenos Aires.

The detail

Fares for the 93-day option begin from $83,319 and the 66-day from $64,692. The 66-day cruise will be aboard the MS Fram, departing September 22, 2022. You’ll still be travelling pole to pole and hitting all the incredible destinations as you go from the Canadian Arctic to Greenland, via the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America and Antarctica.

Your 93 days will of course be spent in luxury. Life aboard the MS Roald Amundsen is wellness focused, you’ll be learning yoga and meditation, allowing you to be totally relaxed and in the moment as you go from destination to destination.

There are three restaurants on board, as well as a gym, wellness centre, large observation decks, an infinity pool and hot tubs.