Norwegian Cruise Line has announced six brand new shore excursions to suit all customers from those who want the perfect Insta snap, to keen foodies and architecture fanatics. 

These new shore excursion categories stretch across Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, created with the aim of helping guests further individualise their experience and immerse in destinations as they choose. 

David Herrera, NCL president said: “We are committed to delivering unparalleled experiences across our fleet and the over 400 destinations we visit.

“Travellers are looking for more immersive vacations, from longer itineraries to more authentic experiences, which is why together with our destination partners we’ve created a collection of new on-shore offerings designed to create unforgettable moments for our guests.

The new categories 

Beyond Blueprints

This new category encompasses 15 new tours around Europe, focused on architectural landmarks, the tours will give you a background into the design and history of iconic buildings. Locations visited include the MUCEM in Marseille, Victoria Square in Belfast, the Glasgow Science Museum in Scotland and more.

Gourmet tours 

Carefully curated for foodies, these new gourmet tours will be focused on giving those who are interested in food an authentic background and history into culinary destinations. Shore excursions include a seasonal gastro-cultural experience in Barcelona, visit to the Sicilian Luncheon in Palermo, a Folkloric-Gastronomical Experience in Olympia in Greece and plenty more. 

Go local 

These excursions are highly focused on connecting travellers with locals to speak about and give an insight into the culture of the region. For example, guests can spend a day at a farm in Kusadasi in Turkey, take a ‘Lisbon Soul’ tour in Portugal, or try the ‘Explore Florence Like a Local’ experience in Italy. 

Let’s take a selfie 

These tours focused on taking guests to the very best photo opportunities in the city. Guides will take you to the best spots for a snap in places like Santorini, St Thomas and Cartagena. 

Small group tours 

These tours are designed for those looking for more intimate experiences, with a capacity limited to 16 guests on each tour. If you’re seeking this more intimate experience you’ll be able to trial it in destinations like Corfu, Cagliari and Malaga. 

Design your day

If you want a fully customised and individualised experience, you can opt for Design Your Day. These excursions involve calling NCL and telling them what you want to do in a destination and they’ll handcraft your itinerary for the day.