Explora Journeys, a new luxury lifestyle travel brand started by the MSC Group, has shared celebrated the coin ceremony for its very first ship, EXPLORA I. 

The EXPLORA I will launch in May 2023. 

A coin ceremony happens when the first block or section of the ship is lowered into the building dock, and two newly minted coins are put beneath the keel for hopes of good fortune and blessings. The timeless tradition was carried out by Chief Marketing Officer Alessandra Fontana and Ester Fugazzi, Head of General Services for Fincantieri. 

Coin Ceremony’s can be traced back to Roman times, which the company wanted to acknowledge as Explora Journeys is realization of a long-term vision of Pierfrancesco Vago, as well as his wife Alexa and their respective families maritime heritage. 

Michael Ungerer, CEO Explora Journeys said: “This marks another major milestone in our journey towards developing a truly defining and highly desired, luxury lifestyle brand. Following our initial investment of two billion euros, this demonstrates another positive step forward, and shows that we are on track to offer an ocean experience like no other.”

Construction has also already commenced on EXPLORA II, the second vessel in Explora Journeys’ fleet, with an aim for guests to first jump on board in Spring 2024.

The plan is for a third and fourth ship to join the fleet in 2025 and 2026 respectively.

More info: explorajourneys.com