All crew members of Explorer Dream and the office staff in Taiwan will receive the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which  makes Dream Cruises the first cruise company in Asia to roll out a comprehensive vaccination program. The program will deliver more than 700 vaccinations.

Mr Kent Zhu, the president of Genting Cruise Lines said: “Since the successful service resumption of Explorer Dream and World Dream in Taiwan and Singapore last year, both ships have enjoyed a stellar track record of zero COVID-19 cases, demonstrating the effectiveness of Genting Cruise Lines preventive measures.

“With the development and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines, we are confident that the cruise tourism industry will receive the much-needed boost on its road to recovery in the post-pandemic era.”

Dream Cruises has been one of the innovators of new cruise safety, having been the first cruise company to roll out a set of preventative measures and this proactive approach has been reflected in the success of its voyages since. 

These measures include pre-embarkation health screenings, face mask and social distancing requirements, improved on-board cleaning and disinfecting and 100% fresh air ventilation in all cabins and public areas with an air change rate up to 15 times per hour. 

In July 2020, Explorer Dream resumed its operations in Taiwan and now a year and this vaccination program is happening over 80 successful voyages later. Explorer Dream has been doing ‘Discover Taiwan’ voyages, introducing passengers to the concept of staycations at sea, that so far have proven extremely successful.