You’ll need to jump through a few less hoops to get onboard if you’re sailing on a Celebrity Cruises ship from September 5.

Travellers will no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 on sailings departing from the US or European ports.

This excludes sailings that have ports of call in Bermuda or Canada.

Updated on August 22, the rules now no longer require vaccinated guests to take a test before boarding if the sailing is nine days or less.

“A new world is waiting and I’m thrilled to now more closely align our operations with the rest of the travel industry and open up opportunities for everyone to explore, once again,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. “Travel is making its grand comeback and we’re looking forward to the continued momentum from consumers around the world.”

You’ll still be able to sail if you aren’t vaccinated. You’ll just need to prove that you’ve tested negative to Covid-19 within three days of your trip.

The line will accept home tests as proof.

Self-administered tests are still going to be required if your cruise is 10 nights or more. You can take it up to three days prior to departure.

You’ll be exempt from testing if you can show a Certificate of Recovery. It will need to state your positive test is from 11 to 90 days prior to your sailing.

Royal Caribbean, which is part of the same parent company as Celebrity, is also changing its Covid-19 rules regarding US and Europe sailings on September 5.

This news comes just over a year since Celebrity’s Edge became the first ship to sail from a US port in 15 months due to the pandemic.