Fellow passengers are seen screaming and running in terror as wild waves smash against the cruise ship, causing the swimming pool water on the main deck to explode across surrounding guests who attempt to maintain their composure.

But for this British couple, who are caught on camera, they didn’t blink an eyelid and simply continued drinking their beers at their table in the corner – not even a glance up from their half-drunk schooners.

The wild storm which lashed the P&O Ventura as it sailed between Cherbourg, France, and Southampton on Saturday rocked the ship so violently that deck furniture was sent flying across the room, slamming into passengers and at one stage, flying into the British couple… who still took no notice.

Fellow passengers run screaming in fear
Fellow passengers run screaming in fear

The footage captured on a mobile phone by fellow passenger Calum Lawson, a marine engineer from Newcastle, UK, has since been posted footage on social media and has gone viral.

In one part of the video, Mr Lawson pans across to the weather outside, which shows a dark choppy sea below with massive swell and passengers clinging to a railing near the window.

Another clip sees water from the swimming pool surge in huge waves over the edges of the pool onto the deck, sending children screaming for their parents.

Staff later drained the swimming pool but passengers said it was a little late as most of the water had already gone over the decks.

The pool exploded with water

One male passenger said: ”I was in my cabin at the time when I was unable to get back up from the bed – it was quite amusing.

”All of the housekeeping trolleys has fallen over in the corridors and there were cups and plates across the floor in our cabin, but it was nothing that was to put anyone in danger so as typical Brits they carried on drinking and going about their day.’

But another man said: ”It was pretty hairy, I think the captain said hurricane force winds at times.

The storm battered the ship

”I didn’t see the pool stuff, though did hear that part of deck 14 got flooded. It was very rough though, and all exposed decks on the edge of the ship were closed.

”The event referred to that was rather interesting was when the ship had to do a u-turn in gale force winds, with the wind hitting the side as it turned. It developed a heck of a list, that was freaky,” he said.

A spokesman for P&O said: ”Whilst sailing between Cherbourg and Southampton Ventura was required to make a precautionary manoeuvre which caused some pool water to spill over on to the deck.

”The Captain had anticipated this may happen and guests were advised in advance, pools were then subsequently emptied for safety.”

Most passengers ran screaming

It is not the first time the Ventura has got into difficulty.

In January last year, video captured the terrifying moment a violent storm rocked it – smashing crockery and forcing passengers to hold on to their tables.

Crew on board the vessel out of Southampton clung to the fixtures as it was battered by 100-knot winds in the Bay of Biscay on December 10, 2018.

Throughout this clip, filmed in the ship’s main dining room, the sound of tableware breaking as it falls to the ground can be heard. 

But in a similar scene – passengers seated around tables were seen gripping their wine glasses tightly in a bid to enjoy the remainder of their meal despite the circumstances.

The man filming the scene holds up his wine glass to the camera as the liquid inside swirls around.

Elderly passengers were reportedly thrown to the floor when the chairs toppled over.

A spokesman for P&O Cruises confirmed the incident and said the ship altered course to minimise the effect of the wind.