For all avid cruisers who have a spare $50 million, why not buy yourself a penthouse aboard the new ultra-luxurious Utopia.

But for us mere mortals who won’t be able to step foot aboard this ship, artist renderings and show room mockups that have just been released, give us a rare insight into what this sleek and elegant ship will look like.

Starting at a price tag of around $6 million, you can buy yourself an apartment on the new Utopia, built by the same company as The World – it’s said that Gina Rinehart and Ros Packer have a penthouse onboard.

The opulent vessel will have 190 classically-styled apartments which boast ocean views, private hot tubs, sundecks, cinema rooms and walk-in closets.

Utopia bedroom
The Utopia bedroom. Image: Utopia Residences

She’ll be travelling the world and visiting major cultural and sporting events like the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Wimbledon as well as Sydney’s famous New Years’ Eve celebrations.

Other entertainment onboard includes a theatre, a nightclub, jazz lounges, a casino, an art gallery, and a putting green. There is also a walking track, a full gym, multiple swimming pools and a multi-deck waterslide, paddle tennis, and fitness classes.

Balcony with a hot tub on The Utopia. Image: Utopia Residences

In terms of itinerary, Utopia sets itself apart from conventional cruise ships by travelling the world in one direction instead of making round trips from ports. The ship will also stay at port longer than the usual, for up to a week.

And if you don’t want your in-laws, grandchildren or friends intruding in your space, there is a 165-suite hotel so you can host your loved ones onboard.

David Robb, the founder and chairman of the Utopia project, who is a successful financier and a Harvard business school graduate, told Business Insider that with Utopia, they have improved upon The World in terms of design comfort and economics for the residents to create “the ultimate answer” for people who want to see the world but don’t want to abandon the luxuries and comforts of home.

She’ll be built to a 100-year specification, a first since most cruise ships are built with a lifespan of around 25 to 30 years.

Dining room on The Utopia
Dining room on The Utopia. Image: Utopia Residences

“That’s kind of a revolutionary concept, travelling to remote parts of the world and having all of the infrastructure that you have at home,” he said.

“It has to be elegant and timeless. We can’t be chasing fads because this is going to last a long time. We also told the architects that if it looks like a cruise ship anywhere on the inside, they’re all fired.”

According to Mr Robb, most of the largest apartments have already been purchased and most of the buyers are businessmen and there are even artists and fine art collectors.

News of The Utopia project, which will cost roughly around US$1 billion, has been circulating among the super wealthy since 2008 and there has been much excitement around the release.

The Utopia bathrooms
The Utopia bathrooms. Image: Utopia Residences

According to a Wall Street Journal article which dates back to 2013, 80 clients had already signed up and were already in the progress of negotiating purchase contracts.

The company even set up a 3,000-square-foot showroom for potential buyers on Los Angeles’ premier shopping boulevard, Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills.

Balcony area on The Utopia
Balcony area on The Utopia. Image: Utopia Residences