Would you ever consider pulling your mattress out to the balcony aboard a cruise ship? These cruise ship travellers share the story behind their seaside siesta sanctuaries.

Well, it seems some Royal Caribbean guests have taken this idea to heart, turning their balconies into impromptu lounges with the added comfort of cabin mattresses.

The comfort conversation started after two guests onboard Royal Caribbean were seen basking in the sun on their balcony with their mattresses in tow. Picked up by Royal Caribbean Blog, the original post on a Facebook group dedicated to Royal Caribbean Cruises shows the creative cruisers aboard Allure of the Seas while docked in the idyllic Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Royal Caribbean guests on balcony with mattress

Captioned with “Omg really? Wondering if this guy got in trouble? Allure of the Seas looking from Anthem on 3/13 docked @ Coco Cay,” the post quickly received a flurry of reactions from Royal Caribbean fans and cruisers, with opinions split down the middle. 

On our Facebook page, we received several responses from Cruise Passengers, many of whom were against the mattress move, with comments ranging from: “That’s ridiculous. Go with Virgin, every balcony has a hammock!” to “Tried that on a carnival ship. A big no-no had to bring it in.”

“So very entitled. I feel desperately sorry for the cabin staff having to put up with these types of people,” commented one user, while another suggested offloading them at the next port.

However, the most intelligent comment suggested opening the balcony doors and laying on the bed inside. “Same thing,” they said. “Beats trying to get a mattress through the doors.” Plus, another pointed out that “If your balcony is that big it would probably already have a recliner or chair and footstool.”

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Should you put your mattress on your cruise ship balcony?

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time cruisers have taken the indoor comfort of their cabins outdoors. Multiple commenters chimed in with their tales of balcony escapades, recounting experiences of dragging couch cushions or even entire mattresses onto their balconies for an afternoon of bliss.

Some hailed the move as a stroke of genius, while others were less enthralled by the concept, citing balcony etiquette. Concerns ranged from how clean those cruise line balconies are when exposed to the elements to how it could impact the mattress itself.

From Harmony of the Seas to Symphony of the Seas, cruisers shared anecdotes of sleeping under the stars and waking up to the gentle lull of the waves—a testament to the allure of open-air relaxation.

“I pulled the couch cushions out onto the balcony on Harmony of the Seas. It was great,” commented one cruiser. While another aboard the Symphony of the Seas said they had the “best sleep ever.” Fell asleep looking at the stars listening to the waves, woke up to the sun rising over CocoCay,” said the commenter.

While Royal Caribbean hasn’t explicitly addressed this trend or issued new rules banning balcony mattress use, the buzz generated by the social media post might prompt the cruise line to rethink its stance on balcony furniture use.

cruise ship mattress balcony

Moisture and mattresses don’t mix

Or, as one commenter put it, “This is why we can’t have nice things. Like comfortable mattresses.”

Another thought the idea was just plain “weird”.

“Other people now have to sleep on that mattress that was sitting on an exterior floor,” they continued.

“I get those mattresses aren’t the cleanest, to begin with, but this is unnecessary. So many people lack self-awareness; it’s crazy. There are chairs out there for a reason,” they concluded.

Moreover, Mandy The Cruise Planner, was quick to remind potential cruisers that mattresses are not waterproof.

“The furniture cruise liners put on the balcony are not the same as those inside, and there’s a good reason for that: Moisture.”

Many agreed, including this commenter: “Yeah, I don’t think I want to sleep on a mattress that was sitting on an exterior floor. No harm? To each their own, I guess.”

Laying on a cruise ship mattress

The balcony mattress trend takes off

However, the balcony mattress trend isn’t confined to Facebook threads and cruise forums; it’s also making waves on platforms like TikTok. Users like Sarah Goodwin have garnered millions of views with videos showcasing the unconventional practice. In her viral TikTok, Goodwin demonstrates the logistics of ferrying a mattress from cabin to balcony, all in the pursuit of ultimate relaxation.

“Use common sense,” she said in response to one commenter’s question about falling into the ocean during lousy weather, reminding travellers not to “lay out there if it’s super bad conditions, obviously.”

However, amid the enthusiasm, a consensus emerges: while an afternoon siesta on the balcony might be enticing, sleeping al fresco presents a host of logistical challenges.

“How did you get it out the door?” One commenter asked. “I struggle to keep it open long enough to avoid getting smacked in the face.” Or worse, dropping the mattress over the edge.

Nonetheless, the idea of bringing the comforts of the cabin outdoors continues to captivate cruisers, promising an extra layer of relaxation and indulgence on their seafaring adventures.

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Twin size mattresses on cruise ship balcony

Taking back cruise cabin floorspace

And if you’re onboard the Carnival Breeze, a 2023 Reddit post reveals that twin-sized mattresses fit perfectly on the balconies. The picture shows a man lounging atop his mattress on the balcony with a bottle of bubbly, two glasses, and an afternoon cheese board. 

“So, uh, we figured out that the twin-sized mattresses fit on the Carnival Breeze cove balconies,” said the Reddit user. “Way more comfortable than a deck chair. We were very careful to not damage or dirty anything, and we put everything back where we found it after enjoying some wine and a cheese plate on the balcony.”

If that isn’t the ideal relaxation setup, perhaps bringing along a hammock or a blow-up inflatable mattress could help you reach serenity on the high seas.

So, the next time you find yourself aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, don’t be surprised if you spot a mattress or two adorning balconies. That is until cruise lines start banning this new-found way to unwind, which is a shame considering cruise ships sail amidst the boundless beauty of the open sea.

Oh, and if anyone was curious, her PJs are from Peter and Alexander.