The Ultimate Guide for First Time Cruisers

First time cruisers

For first time cruisers, choosing your first cruise can make or break whether you love this holiday style. If you decide to go down the travel agent route, they’ll give you a list of questions to determine the cruise line, fit for the destination.

But there are many other factors to consider for your first cruise: the cabin, the itinerary, the shore excursions, and even the additional packages.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure your first cruise goes without any hiccups.

As the cruise industry has grown, so have the offerings. There is something to suit everyone’s taste – whether you’re travelling with the kids, grandma, and grandpa, if you’re on a budget, or if you want something super opulent.

Make sure you do your research – whether it be speaking to friends or family members who have cruised or speaking to a travel agent to navigate through the options.

When first time cruisers do their research, make sure you understand the demographics of each cruise line, during the year as well as the itinerary. It comes as no surprise that, for obvious reasons, during the school holidays, you’ll find more kids sailing.

If you are looking for a destination-specific cruise, like if you want to explore the Arctic or Antarctica, then it is also important to pick the right cruise line for your budget, and the differences between each line.

But perhaps if seasickness and the number of people are issues, consider taking a river cruise where you are always close to land and these ships won’t have more than 180 people onboard.

Find out more information in our guide to first-time cruisers.

First Time Cruisers Tips

Popular Destinations

  • A Canada and Alaska cruise highlights an exploration to the Denali National Park.

    Destination Focus: Canada and Alaska 

    For Australian nature lovers and adventure-enthusiasts, the vast and stunning landscapes of Canada and Alaska are a sure hit as these northern realms make untamed wilderness and rich cultural heritage meet.

  • One of the natural gems in cruising The South Pacific is the flower pot rock in Pago Pago

    Destination Focus: The South Pacific

    Just a short journey from Australian shores lies the awe-inspiring expanse of the South Pacific, an idyllic paradise that stands out because of its pristine beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, and an array of vibrant cultures.

  • Princess Cruises offers short cruises from Melbourne

    Short cruises from Melbourne offered at $238 pp

    Major cruise lines homeported in Melbourne are featuring a range of short cruises for cruise enthusiasts and travellers seeking for a quick getaway at sea.

Recommended Cruise Lines for First-Time Cruisers

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