New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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This week saw the last of three complimentary cruises aboard the Spectrum of the Seas dock, allowing the final group out of almost 12,000 bush fire “first responders” to disembark.

All three have been a triumph, allowing families who spend months battling the blazes in Australia’s outback to take some time out and enjoy a break.

Almost all posted pictures on Instagram’s #aroyalthankyou with a big thank you to the line that made it happen – Royal Caribbean.

And for these heroes, they chose one of their own: Captain Charles, the Spectrum of the Seas commander, who welcomed them on board and spend many hours at their events.

Here are some of their pictures.


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No doubt 2020 will go down in cruise history as the year of the pandemic – a once in a generation event. And this year’s Cruise Passenger Readers’ Choice Awards will reflect it.