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Nothing is more embarrassing than missing your cruise – well actually, there is something else.

When a trio who were travelling onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship arrived late at their port, they didn’t receive a stern talking to.

Instead, video footage shows the couple and another passenger running towards the ship, being cheered and whistled by passengers standing on all decks of the ship.

The NCL vessel which was preparing to disembark after stopping at Bermuda earlier this month, had a prompt 2:30pm departure time.

As per every cruise ship protocol, the crew announced the shamed names of the late passengers over the ship’s intercom.

And according to the video, which was posted to YouTube by passenger Laszlo Bagi, the ship already pulled away from the dock, but the crew reversed course and put out the gangway to get the three passengers back on the ship.

The crowd broke into a raucous cheer as they watched the passengers running towards the ship. They sounded as if they had just finished a marathon, but in the video, you can hear some irate passenger yelling out “hurry up” as they passed through the boarding gates.

There was no doubt that the late cruisers’ fellow passengers were definitely annoyed by their tardiness. And as most cruisers know, it’s in the rule book to make sure you don’t miss the ship’s departure time!


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