Already one of the most exciting airports in the world, Tokyo-Haneda is getting a new rooftop onsen. The new onson ‘Spa Izumi’, will turn the airport into part of your itinerary, creating a chance for you to soak pre-flight and step onto the plane relaxed and refreshed.

Sitting atop the 12-floor complex, Spa Izumi will have four bathing zones, each with different temperatures and make-ups of mineral-rich spring water, giving you the chance to personalise your refreshment between a carbonated bath, icy plunge pool, a jet pool and hot springs.

You don’t need to stay at the airport hotels to get access, but if you are a guest at Hotel Villa Fontaine Premier or Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand, you’ll have complimentary access.

The springs will be open 24 hours a day, meaning whenever you roll into the airport, you’ll have the option of jumping straight into Japanese culture and tradition.

If you visit in the day and there aren’t too many clouds in your way, you’ll even be able to sneak a glimpse of Tamagawa River and Mount Fuji. There’s also a range of Japanese restaurants on-site to add to the opportunities for indulgence.

The airport is also being buffered with a new bus terminal that will help you get to more parts of Tokyo, and quicker.

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