New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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The Caribbean, Europe and Alaska have been named as the top three cruise destinations for 2015.

The figures, which have been compiled together by Cruise Holidays International, has seen a surge of cruisers looking to explore Europe with figures jumping from 10.4 to 12 percent.

But bookings to the Caribbean have dropped from around 54 to 50.5 percent.

The South Pacific, which includes Australia and New Zealand ranked 10th out of the list of cruise destinations.

Dutch waterways cruises departing from Amsterdam is still the most popular river cruise for 2015.

But Passau in Germany and Lyon in France had the biggest gains in river cruising while China, Vietnam and Myanmar have dominated the figures in destinations outside of Europe.

Both Beijing and Shanghai rated as the top two river cruise destinations taking over Vietnam which rated first in 2014.

The report was compiled together by 1,300 American and Canadian cruise-focused agents for Cruise Holidays International.


Top 10 Cruise Destinations

  1. Caribbean (including the Bahamas) 5%
  2. Europe Ocean Cruises (Med, Baltic, Scandinavia & Greek Isles) 12%
  3. Alaska 8%
  4. European Rivers 7%
  5. Bermuda 2%
  6. Trans-Atlantic 2%
  7. Panama Canal 6%
  8. China/Japan/Southeast Asia 4%
  9. Hawaiian Islands 2%
  10. South Pacific (includes Australia & New Zealand) 4%


Top 10 River Cruise Destinations

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2%
  2. Budapest, Hungary 6%
  3. Basel, Switzerland 3%
  4. Paris, France 9%
  5. Prague, Czech Republic 0%
  6. Nuremberg, Germany 0%
  7. Avignon, France 4%
  8. Porto, Portugal 3%
  9. Passau, Germany 6%
  10. Lyon, France 2%


Top 5 River Cruise Destinations Outside Europe

  1. Beijing, China 35%
  2. Shanghai, China 35%
  3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 6%
  4. Mandalay, Myanmar 5%
  5. Pyay, Myanmar 5%



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