We all love to try out the on board specialty cocktail and indulge in a glass of wine with a dinner because after all when you’re cruising you’re on holidays.

But it isn’t until disembarkation and you’re flipping through the bill that you realise just how much you’ve spent on onboard beverages.

If you’re sailing on a seven day cruise and drink at least one cup of coffee a day, you could find yourself spending $35 on caffeine.

And if that didn’t have you gripping onto your wallet, for seven glasses of wine – one for each night you’re on board – you could be paying a total of $56.

Cruise.co.uk carried out a study based to determine which cruise lines are the most expensive and cheapest when it comes to beverages.

Here’s what their study found:


Most expensive glass of wine was found on board Royal Caribbean, with the line charging $8.00 per glass. This is $1.05 more than the second most expensive wine, which was on board Oceania Cruises for $6.95.

Meanwhile, Voyages of Discovery has the cheapest glass of wine at £3.00.


Forget about happy hour, the most expensive beer sea is on Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines ships at $5.50 a bottle.

Costa Cruises’ beer also cracked the top four most expensive selling at €4.90.

MSC Cruises has the cheapest beer, selling a bottle for  €2.90


For the most part, coffee on board is closely priced to coffee on land. However, the priciest coffee was found on board Carnival ships, with the line charging $5.00 per cup.

This is $1.25 more than the next most expensive coffee $3.75 on board Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Cunard ships.

However, if you’re sailing on board Swan Hellenic Discovery Cruising you’ll be saving on your daily dose, with coffee on board the line’s ships going for £1.20.

Click here for the full study.