He’s Carnival’s newest ambassador and his mission is to keep cruisers fit at sea.

The spotlight is on The Biggest Loser trainer, Shannan Ponton, in the latest issue of Cruise Passenger magazine, which is out on newstands today.

He shared a range of easy-to-do activities and revealed the secrets to staying fit at sea.

1. Enjoy the buffet but don’t overeat

If you don’t eat four meat pies at home then you probably shouldn’t start at sea. Your eating habits don’t need to completely change at sea, so enjoy the food but don’t go overboard with too many servings.

2. Don’t abandon your regular exercise regime

If you go for a jog in the morning you can still do so on a ship. Cruise ships have facilities guests can use to stay in shape from gyms to jogging tracks on outside decks.

3. Drink wisely

Some alcohol is heavier than others, so if you want to drink go for something with fewer calories like a vodka, lime and soda, which has half the calories of a bottle of beer.

4. Find a balance

If you’re planning a big dinner then balance your calories by eating few calories during the day or by doing a few extra minutes on the treadmill.

5. Look for the Shannan tick of approval

As part of his arrangement with Carnival Cruise Lines, Shannan Ponton has put his tick of approval on healthy options available onboard the line’s Australian ships. He has also worked with Carnival chefs to create healthy new dishes at the ship’s Freshie’s Corner.

You can read more of Shannan’s tips for staying fit at sea in the Winter 2014 issue of Cruise Passenger magazine.