Cruise lines may be taking the initiative to cater to solo-travelers, but the majority of cruisers are still boarding ships with a friend or two. More importantly, we’re sharing cabins with them.

Be it a best friend, a partner or a relative – who you choose to cruise with, will either make it a trip of a lifetime or have you begging the captain to speed up the engines.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes a great cruise buddy. To help you on your next cruise, the Cruise Passenger team has compiled a list of five characteristics we think make a good cruise companion.

Do you have a fund of stories?

You’re stretched out on the sun chair, soaking up some Vitamin D, but the peace is tainted by the awkward silence between you and your cruise companion. You always learn something new, and on this cruise you’ve learnt your cruise buddy is actually quite dull.

If there’s one thing that makes a good cruise companion, it’s having a large bank of stories.

Conversation will flow continuously and hopefully you won’t get bored with your companion.

Are you clingy?

“Hey, want to try the ice skating rink.”

“Actually, I’m hungry want to get some food?”

“Oh no wait there’s the ice cream hut we have to go there.”

Hey, I have a better idea, why don’t you make up your mind and go by yourself!

Cruising with a codependent companion will frustrate you. You’re already sharing four walls with this person, the last thing you want to do is spend your entire cruise with them clinging to your arm.

It’s important to find a cruise companion that is happy to do their own thing as well as do things with you.

Are you tidy?

A good companion is a clean companion.

Maintaining a sense of space by keeping your personal effects, souvenirs and luggage orderly and tidy is important when cruising.

There’s nothing worse than having to constantly sidestep your way to the toilet because your cabin-mate has mistaken the floor for a cupboard.

Can you laugh at anything?

This is particularly important if you’re sharing a cabin with your companion.

When travelling in such close quarters, it’s important to have a good sense of humor. This will ensure you’re both laughing throughout the trip and allow you to move past any conflicts quickly.

Do you get seasick?

If you get seasick and your friend doesn’t – then you’re probably not the best fit.

We all have that friend of a friend who once travelled with a companion that spent the entire trip in bed or in the toilet.

They may laugh about it today, but it just isn’t fun constantly worrying about a sick friend the entire cruise.

Had an ‘interesting’ experience with a cruise companion? Let us know what you think makes a good or bad cruise buddy by leaving a comment below.