As the saying goes, “If you’re not on a cruise, you’re thinking about your next one”. Here are six reasons 1,003,256 Australians think cruising is the best way to travel – and things are just going to get better!

  • ONLY UNPACK ONCE This had to be listed first. Just the thought of only having to unpack once, even on around-the-world cruises, will release tension in your shoulders, forcing you to finally breathe a sigh of relief. There’s no checking in and out of different hotels – just get to your suite, unpack on the day you embark and you won’t have to pack until you’re ready to hop off the ship.
  • EVER-CHANGING VIEWS When you stay in a resort on land, you only have one view – and that’s likely been the same for decades. People could say the same thing about being on a cruise, but they’d be wrong. While traversing the water on your floating hotel, you’ll be able to see the ocean in new light. Some days there’ll be water for miles, others you’ll see land in the distance. Every day gives a new outlook.
  • ROOM TO MOVE (AWAY) Think back to all the air-travel holidays you’ve taken. You check in three hours before your flight and have to wait in an uncomfortable chair before you’re called to board. Lining up with more than 100 other passengers, you start to pray that the man with the overwhelming stench is not sitting next to you. Then it happens. He plonks down, spreading his legs inside your zone, and you’ve got another 20 hours to go! There’s nowhere to escape! There’s nothing you can do on a plane besides sit, watch old television re-runs or films you’ve already seen because, let’s face it, you’re a movie buff, get up to walk to the tiny toilet capsule that is rarely ever clean, and eat the pre-prepared, often flavourless “meals”. You probably understand where we’re going with this, but just in case: Cruise ships are HUGE! If you don’t want to be near someone, there are plenty of other things to do. Indulge in the many different cuisines on offer, gamble, sleep, swim, sunbake, get a massage, watch a performance, rock climb, skydive… the list is endless!
  • BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Keep an eye out for sales (cruise lines are always holding them) and you could travel for less than $100 per day. That’s food, accommodation (including turn-down service), entertainment – even some shows that have been on Broadway – and transportation for less than the price of a decent hotel. Bang!
  • THERE’S NOTHING FRESHER THAN OCEAN AIR The health benefits of fresh air are plentiful – and you’ll be surrounded by it! It aids digestion, keeps lungs clean, improves heart rate, strengthens the immune system and can even help give skin a healthy glow. Deep breaths, guys.
  • VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE Choose the right cruise and you could be waking up in a different country every day. Cruising will conveniently turn you into a seasoned traveller in just a few weeks.