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Items always forgotten to pack
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5 items we always forget to pack

You start packing a week before the trip. This time you’re not going to forget a thing. You’ve made a list. You tick off each piece as they’re packed into the suitcase. You double-check the […]

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Good Cruise Companion
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Are you a good cruise companion?

Cruise lines may be taking the initiative to cater to solo-travelers, but the majority of cruisers are still boarding ships with a friend or two. More importantly, we’re sharing cabins with them. Be it a […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 23 2013
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How solo cruisers can avoid paying single supplement fees

Although cruising is one of the easiest forms of travel to undertake on your own, it can often be more expensive than cruising with a companion. When a single cruiser books a twin-share stateroom for […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 22 2013
Airport Luggage
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The ultimate guide to luggage survival tips

More than 26 million bags disappeared or were misplaced across the world’s airports last year, according to recent data released. That’s about nine lost or misplaced bags for every 1000 that are checked in. Unless […]

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cruise ship decks
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The best cruise ship decks

Going topside is not what it used to be – it’s better.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Aug 16 2011
Ship Deck
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The best places on a cruise for peace and comfort

Cruises these days are jam-packed with social activities and things to do, but where do you go when you want a little down time?

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 27 2011
cruise cunard dressed to kill
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Dressed to kill

Among the practical considerations facing cruise passengers, the question of what to wear can be a significant point of contention.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . May 31 2011
Stingray, Cruise Passenger
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What your need to research before your adventure cruise

So you’ve decided to take your first adventure cruise. Where to go? What to take? Read this first.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 25 2011
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4 ways to splash some cash on your next cruise

Holidays should be fun, and even more so on a cruise ship because you can do as little or as much as you want, and the services are at your fingertips.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 19 2011
River Cruise
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Top 10 Reasons to take a River Cruise

Planes, trains and automobiles…they’re all a hassle compared with stress-free, scenic river cruising – wherever you go. There are a lot of advantages to river cruising for experienced ocean cruisers and newcomers alike. Here are 10 of the most compelling.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 6 2011
Pack For a Cruise
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What to pack for a cruise

Like packing for any holiday, packing for a cruise can be daunting. But getting the right mix of items for all your port calls, themed nights, and even time zones, and judge how much storage space you’ll have in your cabin needn’t be a hassle with these packing tips.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Mar 28 2011
Cruises Sea Dream
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Top tips to save you money when booking a cruise

Most travellers are loyal to a travel agent or have a particular website they like to use when booking a cruise ship holiday. But there are ways to save money regardless of how you like to book. Here, we look at some of them.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Mar 21 2011