You start packing a week before the trip. This time you’re not going to forget a thing. You’ve made a list. You tick off each piece as they’re packed into the suitcase. You double-check the list. You triple check your suitcase. You board the cruise. And just as you start to relax, it hits you. You forgot to pack that one item again!

You can start packing a week before your trip or an hour before. You could be the world’s most organised person [like Cruise Passenger’s commercial director, Leisa Chell]. But every traveller knows, you’re always going to forget something – and it tends to be the same item each and every time!

– Travel adaptors

Do you have a collection of travel adaptors sitting in their bedroom? A collection that receives a new addition every time you take a holiday?

They’re probably one of the most important items to have on a cruise or an international holiday because without them you aren’t able to charge your valued gadgets. But for some reason we always forget to pack them!

Protection from the sun

If you’re boarding a cruise ship or even heading out on a weekend getaway – you can bet there’s going to be a lot of time out in the sun. But if you’re like us, you’ll find yourself seeking out the closest convenience store to pick up some sunscreen and a cap.

– Shoes for all occasions

There are two types of people here – the ones that remember to pack casual shoes and forget about evening wear; and those that remember to pack dinner shoes and forget about all the walking you’re going to do on shore tours.

It’s important to pack for all occasions because you never know what you might end up doing.

– A day bag

You have your handbag, your suitcase and sometimes even a laptop bag – who can remember to add a day bag to the list? But yet out of all the bags it’s probably the one that will be used the most during your trip.

– Pyjamas

Not only the outfit you’ll wear the most on the your cruise or holiday, but also the outfit you’re likely to always forget. Is it because we wear it the night before the trip and forget to quickly add it as you’re heading out the door? Whatever the reason, it’s probably one of the most forgotten items.

An extra item:

– Pillow

This may be a strange item for some, but for others the right pillow will determine whether or not you’ll get any sleep on holidays. Even though it’s one of the most dependent items for some cruisers, it’s also one of the most forgotten.

Did we miss something? Leave a comment and let us know what item you always forget to pack.