From being a stand in husband to looking after strangers’ kids – fellow passengers can make the most bizarre requests.

In a recent Cruise Passenger poll we asked our readers to tell us the most bizarre thing that has been asked of them on a ship and here is what they had to say:

  1. What should I do when pirates attack?

It’s probably the last thing on a cruiser’s mind and so it should be with pirates rarely ever going after cruise ships.

Which is why one Cruise Passenger reader said he was surprised to hear the Captain make an announcement over the PA on what to do in the event of a pirate attack.

But just so you’re prepared, the Captain did suggest all passengers with ocean view cabins to sit in the corridor.

  1. You look famous, can I get a photo with you?

There’s nothing strange about being mistaken for a celebrity, but it is a little odd when the person asking wants to take a picture with you even after you said no.

One woman said she found it bizarre when a fellow passenger asked if she was Helen Hunt, and requested a photo anyway.

Another woman said a cruiser asked for her permission to take a photo with her husband who resembles opera singer, Andrea Bocelli.

  1. Can you mind my child?

Someone call child services! Shockingly a number of Cruise Passenger readers said they were asked to mind complete strangers’ children.

One reader said her mum was asked by a Brazilian woman to keep an eye on her child for a few minutes, but the woman didn’t return for over five hours!

  1. Can you mind my husband?

You read right.

One reader said she was asked to mind someone’s husband because she didn’t want him going to the casino.

  1. I can’t wait to see the equator!

One woman said the oddest request made to her on a cruise was when she was asked what it would look like when the ship crossed the equator.

We’re not sure what this person was expecting to see – perhaps a sign that read “Welcome, you’re now in the north”?

  1. Foot fetish anyone?

A reader was surprised when she was disrupted during her relaxation by the spa, only to be asked by a fellow passenger if they could take a photo of her feet.

Perhaps the person liked the colour of her nail polish?

  1. Who steers the ship when the Captain is at dinner?

Can someone please introduce this person to the first officers!

A Cruise Passenger reader says the oddest request ever made to him was “can you please tell me who steers the ship while the Captain has his dinner with the passengers?”

  1. Do the crew go home at the end of the day?

A Norwegian Cruise Line staff member said they were once asked: “do all the crew leave the ship and go home after they finish work each day?”

  1. Can you lick my ice cream please?

One reader says she was taken aback when a perfect stranger asked her to lick his ice cream and tell him if it was really peach flavour.

Are you sure that wasn’t his odd way of flirting with you?

 10. How do I open the porthole?

One reader said his wife surprised him when she asked how to “open this round window” in the inside lower floor stateroom.

In her defence, she was a little flustered when she said it, but we really hope she didn’t figure out how to get it open.