Ritz Carlton officially opens its doors in Melbourne

Prestigious luxury hotel brand The Ritz-Carlton now has a new home on Lonsdale Street in the heart of Melbourne. The luxurious property has also snatched the title of Australia’s tallest hotel, packing luxury in right […]

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Mar 24 2023

High end hotel companies usher in new era of luxe cruising

Four years ago, when the Ritz-Carlton group announced it would be building superyachts, the news sent ripples, if not waves, through the cruise industry.  The new Ritz-Carlton Evrima promised high-end travellers who couldn’t quite afford […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Mar 22 2023

Bookings open for the Ritz-Carlton’s second yacht

Ritz Carlton’s highly-anticipated second yacht ILMA is now available for booking. The 456-guest ship will make its debut sailing from Athens to Haifa on September 19, 2024 and now you can book your own place on its […]

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Mar 21 2023

Would you spend US$20,000 a night on this suite?

The recently opened Ritz-Carlton in New York has already garnered plenty of attention for its opulent suite. And the company has revealed details of The Ritz-Carlton Suite and The Ritz Carlton Lounge. The suite is […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Mar 21 2023

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection first sailing is finally here

After many delays, The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection’s ship Evrima will finally take to the seas, set to take to the water on October 15. Evrima is a luxurious vessel, taking on a yacht-like appearance despite […]

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Oct 16 2022

New itineraries and shore excursions for uber luxe Ritz-Carlton yacht

It’s one of the most highly anticipated arrivals in the cruise world – the swanky and super sleek Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection group, which will be launched in February 2020, has released more details around […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Apr 19 2018