Oceania Marina


Oceania Marina graces Sydney

Oceania Marina graced Sydney Harbour for the first time yesterday on her inaugural voyage to Australia from Auckland. Docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal until Friday 15 March, she will welcome new guests today heading on […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Mar 15 2013

Oceania Cruises fast becomes a foodies paradise

Tapas and wine tastings are now available on Oceania’s Marina.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Aug 5 2011

Oceania Marina – Ship Review

Marina is Oceania Cruises first new-build, launching a new class and size of ship for the line, as well as a vessel which claims to be one for true traveling gourmands......

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 22 2011

Oceania Marina Europe Cruise Part 5

I got well behind in wrapping up my blog from this amazing cruise….and for good reason. For one, after our long day excursion to Paris we were pretty tired….we also had to go back to Jacques for dinner, start packing, explore Copenhagen in a day, go back to Red Ginger for dinner, finish packing and leave the ship!

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 16 2011

Oceania Marina Europe Cruise – Part 4

Since my last blog we've visited the famous port city of St. Malo, the historic village of Dinan, the French capital of Paris....and had a bit of a high seas drama. Not bad in a couple of days, eh?

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 9 2011

Oceania Marina Europe Cruise – Part 3

It's a typical start to a European summer - one day hot, the next day wintry. It feels as though we are meandering through the seasons, but fortunately the changeable weather hasn't hampered our explorations of western France.....

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 6 2011

Oceania Marina Europe Cruise – Part 2

Biarritz darling.....sounds posh, and it is, but that's where this second part of my blog live from Oceania Marina in Europe should have hailed from.......

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 4 2011

Oceania Marina Europe Cruise – Part 1

I am writing this first of several blogs from my very nice Concierge Veranda stateroom on Oceania Marina (deck 10) as we cruise away from the Spanish port of Cadiz en route for Lisbon.......

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . May 31 2011

Exploring ashore: Do your shore excursion research!

I was going through a menu of shore excursions available on our next cruise- Oceania Marina from Barcelona to Copenhagen - and it got me thinking about the whole topic. Exploring ports of call is one of many reasons why we cruise.....

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 12 2011

A sneak peek of Oceania Marina

With only five days until Marina’s maiden voyage, Oceania’s blog releases some exclusive photos.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jan 17 2011