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Feeling romantic? Get up to 50% off the best Valentine cruises

Thinking of taking your sweetie to Tahiti? Or your paramour to Panama? We've got your Valentine's Day deals covered.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Feb 8 2024

Best last minute deals to New Zealand now starts at $649

Cruise Passenger spotlights best last minute cruise deals to New Zealand.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Feb 7 2024
First Timers

Best cruise lines for mobility-restricted cruisers

Cruise Passenger spotlights best cruise lines for mobility-restricted travellers. Based on extensive research and passenger reviews, we identify the leading cruise operators that go the extra mile for mobility-restricted guests. From specially equipped staterooms to shore excursions, these cruise lines make accessibility a top priority.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Jan 30 2024
Tips & Advice

Ultimate Guide to Cruise Drinks packages 2024

Choosing your drinks package can be overwhelming with so many choices. But this guide will help you navigate what's right for you.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Jan 23 2024

Experts predict 2024 is the year you are most likely to be bumped from your cruise

Cruise experts say more travellers are getting bumped off overbooked cruises this year with lines filling the ships past capacity.

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Jan 18 2024
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Ultimate Guide to WiFi on cruise ships 2024

Cruise WiFi is as essential as life itself for people these days. It is all the more essential for cruisers spending multiple days and nights at sea.

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Is this the end of the Norwegian Fjords cruise experience

The Norwegian government is taking an aggressive stance towards banning fuel-powered ships from sailing in the fjords.

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Jan 11 2024
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Best cruise lines for singles

Singles and solo travellers are becoming a growing market in the cruise industry proving that hitting the high seas alone doesn't mean having a lonely time at sea.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Jan 2 2024
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Best cruise lines for families

Cruise lines for families are not difficult to find these days as more lines now shine when it comes to catering voyages to multi-generational cruisers.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Jan 2 2024
Port Guide

Ultimate Guide to White Bay Cruise Terminal

White Bay Cruise Terminal (WBCT) is one of two dedicated cruise passenger terminals in Sydney Harbour – one of the world’s most beautiful ports of call for cruise ships. 

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