Silversea’s immersive and experiential cruises to the Mediterranean are almost as legendary as the line’s all-inclusive service.

They are designed to introduce passengers to the splendours of a region steeped in glorious history, gorgeous architecture, beautiful beaches and an amazing array of food and wine options.

Now you can take Silversea’s combination cruises, blending the cultures of Europe into one seamless journey of discovery.

You’ll enjoy more port time to explore, mingle with the locals, taste the delicacies and discover the towns and cities that make the Mediterranean the most popular destination in the world.

These carefully curated voyages of 14-35 nights are the best way to immerse yourself in the inspiring European culture.

You’ll live in the moment without a care as Silversea transports you in luxury from one magical place to the next.

Silversea's Silver Whisper
Silversea’s Silver Whisper

Two cruises in one. And with savings of up to $2,250 pp, twice as nice!

Two magical voyages in one

The ancient world of temples, tombs, monuments and museums spans across the globe, and the rich history of Europe and the Arab nations is a treasure trove of sights to behold.

A combination cruise aboard a Silversea voyage is one way to experience destinations in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and the Arab nations which are filled with archaeological wonders.

Silversea’s carefully curated itineraries combine two magical voyages to create an inspiring holiday, so that guests not only get to see more of the world, but to do it in style.

Typically, most of the luxury line’s spans across 14 to 35 nights, and the balanced journey allows passengers to enjoy Silversea’s five-star, white-gloved butler service.

A Silversea voyage is not complete without all the decadent trimmings – lobster, caviar, top-shelf champagne and liquor, plush and opulent suites as well as bespoke and exclusive shore excursions

Silversea drinks
A Silversea voyage is not complete without all the decadent trimmings

The combined voyage of 25-days brings you across Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Arab nations.

Begin the first leg of your journey on a seven-day exploration of the Greek Islands. Step aboard the Silver Spirit at Athens after visiting the honey marble columns of the Parthenon that tower 200 feet above the city.

Continue to idyllic Mykonos where the locals bring their fishing boats out in good weather before visiting the ruins of Kusadasi in Turkey and even perhaps enjoy an evening performance there. The seafront of the Turkish town has since transformed from a sleepy village, to a bustling hub filled with hotels, restaurants and beach resorts.

The next stop is the Rhodes, famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Silver Spirit then takes you to the whitewashed streets of Crete, the seafood town of Santorini, famous for its blue domed houses and then to Nafplion before returning to Athens.

The second part of your voyage brings you on a 17-day sailing through the Arabian and Red Seas, all the way to the United Arab Emirates in the east. Take in the glowing cosmopolitan skyline of Tel Aviv before heading to the Holy Land of Jerusalem for an overnight visit.

Enter the man-made marvel of the Suez Canal that opened the gateway from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, which changed the face of commerce and travel. Jump on jeep safari at the Egyptian Ports like Sharm El Sheik, and Safaga and continue to Valley of the Kings where the majestic tombs of pharaohs and noble of the New Kingdom lie.

Karnak, EgyptThe port towns also sit close to off shore dive sites where you can spend the day snorkelling and discovering the local marine life.

The famed “Rose City” of Petra is also part of the itinerary. The site east of the Jordan river was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom in 300 B.C. Petra gets it name from the pink sandstone cliffs that surround it and it is home to the renowned grand entrance, Al Siq, a narrow winding valley which leads to the elaborate ruins of Al Khazneh.

Recharge from your Egyptian adventures with five days at sea as Silver Spirit sails east to the Middle Eastern countries.

Arrive at Muscat, Oman’s capital city which has jagged-peaked mountains on one side and the blue seas on the other. Take in the blend of arabesque and traditional in the architecture, from the sand-coloured villas to the intricate domes that sit atop the mosques.

Conclude your voyage in Dubai, boasting the biggest shopping malls in the world and eye-catching skyscrapers amid the arid desert landscapes.

You’ll definitely be bringing home with you more treasures than you can count on this grand combination voyage.

The ‘Treasures of the Ancient World’ sail from October 29, 2020 to November 22, 2020, departing from Athens, Greece on a 25-day voyage on the Silver Spirit.

Vista suites start from $11,750 per person.

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