The dreamy South Pacific is deliciously remote, yet almost on our doorstep, so no wonder it’s Australia’s number-one cruising destination. And If anyone knows about cruising the South Pacific, it’s P&O.

The Australia-based cruise line has been cruising the region for 85 years and today, they run more itineraries than anyone else, giving guests the greatest choice on the market.

P&O also visits more Pacific Island destinations than anyone else, as their ships are able to visit many ports larger vessels can’t get into. And best of all, they have P&O exclusive ports such as the amazing Conflict Islands in Papua New Guinea.

All of their South Pacific destinations are marvellous, but one of the highlights is New Caledonia, with its beachside experience of French culture. With its azure waters and tropical weather set against elegant colonial buildings and cheese and wine, it’s a truly diverse destination. There are four ports of call when you visit New Caledonia with P&O, and with each giving an insight into different aspects of this unique part of the Pacific. From coral diving to cafes, this is not to be missed.

Another must-visit P&O destination is Vanuatu – a true tropical paradise if ever there was one. With picture-perfect beaches, friendly locals, coral teeming with life, Vanuatu is a favourite for a reason. The 83 islands offer a fascinating glimpse of tribal life as well as spectacular scenery, but the it’s the underwater world that draws snorklers and divers in droves. The water boasts unbelievable visibility, warm temperatures and world-class dive sites, including the wreck of the SS President Coolridge. With six ports of call, Vanuatu is worth a trip all of its own.

And of course, you can’t talk about cruising the South Pacific without mentioning Fiji. With only 100 of the 300 islands in the archipelago inhabited, it’s easy to find a private, pristine stretch of beach for a bit of downtime. But with three ports of call you’ll get to experience more than just beach life: there are interesting villages and surprisingly urban cities, lush jungle that meets white sand, and local food and drink to enjoy.

P&O offer endless South Pacific itinerary options departing Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

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