Antarctica remains a mystical, sought-after destination, that for many, that first sighting of a penguin sliding down the ice or a snow-capped mountain hoisted high above the sea will be enough to make the voyage worth it. As the bucket list destination increases in popularity, experience the benchmark in ultra-luxury cruising with Scenic Eclipse in 2023/24.

As you step on board the World’s First Discovery YachtsTM, prepare to be truly immersed in the pristine landscapes of Antarctica and explore the harsh environment through a discovery lens. Scenic’s state-of-the-art ships, including the new Scenic Eclipse II, have polar capabilities that allow them to cut through ice and sail not just out to the remoteness of  Antarctica, but also to the most remote areas amongst The White Continent.

Scenic Eclipse in Gold Harbour

Furthermore, Scenic Eclipse II will journey deep into East Antarctica and the Ross Sea in 2024 and 2025 directly from New Zealand and Tasmania. Recovering that feeling of
visiting somewhere truly untouched and undiscovered that all Antarctica journeys once had. Only up to 600 Scenic Eclipse II guests will make it out to East Antarctica and the Ross Sea each year, where they see abundant wildlife roam truly free and landscapes that will leave your eyes sore from rubbing them in disbelief.

These expedition voyages are perfect for those looking to make their first foray into the Antarctic, but for those also who have already completed a South America to Antarctica voyage and are ready to elevate their explorations into something even more remote and remarkable.

Kayaking in Antarctica with Scenic
Why East Antarctica and the Ross Sea

A visit to these remote regions immediately means you’re having a travel experience more unique than 99% of travellers, but it also offers the chance to have a front-seat look into some of the earliest exploration history of Antarctica. These sailings actually take you to see the huts of early explorers, where you’ll learn about Captain James Clark Ross’s explorations and the dramatic race to the South Pole.  Adding to the exclusivity of the destination is the turbulent weather of the region, which means visitation is limited to only the height of the Antarctic summer and just three sailings with up to 200 guests each season. You’ll experience 24-hour daylight during these times meaning wildlife and scenery spotting will be a constant activity.

Zodiacs in Antarctica with Scenic Eclipse

The ship: Scenic Eclipse II

As you would expect of a Scenic vessel, Scenic Eclipse II is decked out in ultra-luxury. Between 10 dining experiences, nine bars and lounges, an expansive spa, and personalised butler service, after each venture out into the pristine landscapes of the Antarctic, you’ll trade it for unrivalled ultra-luxury and comfort.

However, perhaps the even bigger draw is some of the amazing, innovative expedition equipment. Between the usual zodiacs and kayaks, there is the next-generation Scenic Neptune II submarine, which can plunge guests below the water up to 200 metres for a look beneath the waves. Equally excitingly, there are two Airbus H130-T2 helicopters, which can take guests for a very special excursion for a bird’s eye view of the otherworldly McMurdo Dry Valleys, a landscape that can only be compared to Mars.

The Sky Deck on Scenic Eclipse


Antarctica’s Ross Sea: Majestic Ice & Wildlife

This voyage enables Australians to access Antarctica from closer to home, starting from Hobart before commencing 24 awe-inspiring days, including nine full days in Antarctica’s Ross Sea Region. You’ll also have spectacular stops amongst the endless penguins of Macquarie Island and volcanic activity of the Balleny Islands.

Through your journey, you’ll be surrounded by orcas, seals, whales, albatross, and up to nine different penguin species, going deeper into Antarctica than many have been before.
You’ll see towering ice shelves, and enormous icebergs, have the opportunity to soar above by Scenic’s helicopter over the dry valleys and so much more. Return on board to indulge in a culinary journey at up to 10 all-inclusive dining venues and nine bars and lounges.

Scenic Eclipse in Paulet Island

Mawson’s Antarctica: Along the East Coast

This 25-day itinerary leaves from Queenstown before returning you to Hobart after the journey of a lifetime exploring in truly all-inclusive ultra-luxury. You’ll have 10-days along the East Coast of Antarctica as well as stops in Milford Sound, the Balleny Islands and Macquarie Island. You’ll see the historic Mawson’s hut, the remnants of some of the bravest and most daring explorers to exist, gaze over the proud emperor penguins at Dumont D’Urville Station, take zodiacs out to the awe-inspiring Astrolabe Glacier and return to your spacious suite to relax and unwind ready for another day of discovery.

Adelie penguins on the sea ice in Cape Adare, Antarctica