Norway is a cruise destination for all seasons.

In summer, you sail to Norway because you can experience the magic of the Midnight Sun where the sun never sets and there are endless days. It is also the best time to see polar bears, walrus, seals and migrating Arctic birds.

In winter, you sail to Norway because you can watch in awe, the bucket-list experience of the Northern Lights and go dog-sledding across the vast wilderness.

MS Kong Harald cruising Raftsundet in Norway

In spring, you sail to Norway because you can enjoy three seasons in one voyage, summer-like weather in Bergen, spring along the way and full, chilly winter above the Arctic Circle.

And in autumn, you sail to Norway because the coastal scenery is at its most colourful and it is the best season for hiking. This is also the best time to do as the Norwegians do – enjoy the outdoors.

You can experience Norway all year round with Hurtigruten which has been cruising Norwegian waters for more than 127 years. With its amazing landscapes, soaring mountains, mind-blowing fjords and wondrous wildlife, Norway is a destination you can visit again and again.

Now, with Hurtigruten’s new 2022 to 2023 itineraries, you can celebrate with up to $500 on board credit per person if you book one of the line’s Original Coastal Voyage by 31 March 2021.

Chef with king crab

Hurtigruten’s classic coastal voyage will visit 34 ports from tiny villages to big cities so that you can absorb the culture of everyday life and get a taste of Norway’s culinary traditions such as Farikal, a mutton stew, king crab to pickled herring, all made with local produce and fresh ingredients.

You have the choice of cruising from Bergen up past the Arctic Circle and go as far north as the Russian border.

Bergen in Norway

The famed classic voyage is a 12-day, round trip from Bergen, Kirkenes to Bergen where you will sail past more than 100 spectacular fjords and 1000 majestic mountains. The cruise will cross the Arctic Circle and hunt the Northern Lights in winter, while it basks in 24 hours of daylight under the Midnight Sun in summer.

In winter and spring in Tromso, you can go on a thrilling dog-sledge ride, as huskies pull you over the frozen landscape past the stunning views of the snowy plateaus. The only light is from the headlamps, the starry sky or if you are lucky, the magical Northern Lights.

The chances are that you will get to see the Northern Lights but just in case the lights don’t occur on your voyage, you will receive a six or seven-day Classic Voyage free of charge – thanks to Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Promise.

The great outdoors in Lyngen, Norway

Hurtigruten ships are all designed to explore the Norway’s coastline in the most comfortable and sustainable way. The cabins are made of natural Scandinavian materials like granite, oak, birch and wool to create a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Restaurants are supplied with fresh ingredients suppled from Norway’s coast and the elegant Explorer Lounge & Bar is one of the best places to watch the world’s most beautiful coastline pass by. Whatever season you choose to cruise with Hurtigruten – at springtime when the coast reawakens; in summer with its long-sun-drenched days; in autumn when Norway is at its most colourful or in winter for the soul-stirring spectacle of the Northern Lights, Hurtigruten will always take you closer to nature.

But hurry, book before 31 March 2021 on one of Hurtigruten’s Original Coastal Voyage and receive up to $500 onboard credit per person.