There are some natural phenomena so spectacular that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t one day dream of seeing them.

The unwavering currents of Victoria Falls, the boundless hectares of the Himalayas, the endless endemic wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. However, maybe the most revered of all, is Aurora Borealis, or as it’s more commonly known as the Northern Lights. 

These spectacular, natural waves of light make Vivid festival look like a glowstick, waltzing around the sky in front of you, imprinting themselves into your memory as they go.

Hurtigruten are experts at giving you a front row seat to this phenomenon, with the journey itself being just as much the destination, as you stop by charming coastal cities, cruise past jaw-dropping fjords, ride husky sleighs and so much more on your way to natures biggest show. 

The cruise company is so confident you’ll see the sky lit up in all its glory that their famous ‘Follow the Lights’ packages even offer a unique ‘Northern Lights Promise’, meaning if you don’t see the lights on your trip, you’ll receive a six or seven day classic cruise for free. 

Check out the ‘Follow the Lights packages’ here and get to booking.

Imagine sledding beneath this nights sky.


Follow the Lights Northbound – 18 days – from $7590 – departures between Sep 2022 and March 2024 

This unbelievable 18-day journey departs from Oslo will take you to the glowing sky you desire, but give you a whirlwind of culture and coastal scenery along the way. You’ll have guided city tours of Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki and Tallinn, ride on a husky-drawn sled in Rovaniemi, feed reindeer, learn about ancient Sami culture, stay in a glass igloo in the middle amongst the Finnish wilderness and so much more. There’ll be such a sea of activities nearly everyday and so many charming cities and endless ecological wonders that you’ll likely forget that you’re headed towards the night sky’s greatest gift. 

Follow the Lights Southbound – 14 days – from $7190 – departures between October 2022 and March 2023 

This small group escorted tour takes you southbound in your pursuit of the coveted lights, hitting many of the same spots as the first itinerary but with its own thrilling twists. You’ll sail between sheer cliffs that you can nearly reach out and touch in Trollfjord, you’ll combine cruising with incredible rail, coach and ferry rides between Bergen and Oslo, observe the incredible wooden architecture of Trondheim and you can even brave yourself to take a swim in the freezing Arctic Ocean in Kirkenes. This and so much more will all be happening as your captain gets you into the best position possible to see the famous glowing auroras put on a display for you.

Dog sledding beneath the Northern Lights.

Norway’s Coastal Kitchen 

Just because you’re chasing wild landscapes and getting into unspoiled nature doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice indulgence, and with Hurtigruten, you won’t have to. Not only can you expect delights served on-board, but Hurtigruten has established close-knit relationships with suppliers and producers along the coast, meaning over 80% of ingredients in the onboard restaurants come from a pool of 80 Norwegian local suppliers. Look forward to recovering from your adventures by feasting on fresh Arctic char, king crab, smoked sausages and critically acclaimed cheeses, as well as taking the edge off with some local brews and spirits. 

The local spoils.

Sustainable Green Fleet

Hurtigruten takes pride in taking passengers to some of the most biodiverse and geologically striking corners of the planet, but they take just as much pride in ensuring these wonders are conserved for future generations and beyond. The company prides itself with having the strict eco-credentials at sea, with no single-use plastics since 2018, three of their seven ships being hybrid powered and also a conscious onboard effort to make passengers into future environmental advocates and ambassadors.