Viking, the cruise line with the catch-cry, “No kids, No casinos“ policy, has ordered four new hydrogen-fuelled ships to cruise the world’s oceans.

Italian shipbuilder, Fincantieri confirmed the four “green” ships are worth Euro 1.7 billion with the first ship to roll out in 2026, the second in 2027 and the remaining two in 2028.

“The new generation of ships is designed for hydrogen fuel cells and will set a new standard for the industry,” Fincantieri said in a statement.

This would bring the total number of ocean-going cruise ships built for Viking to 18, including two expedition ships, Viking Polaris and Viking Octantis built by Fincantieri’s subsidiary, Vard.

Both Polaris and Octantis feature innovative, light-filled spaces with more indoor and outdoor viewing areas than any other expedition lines.

Viking’s newest ocean-going cruise ship is Viking Mars which launched earlier this year.

Hydrogen fuel cells are considered one of the most promising technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry.