The Harmony of the Sea is not only the largest ship of the Royal Caribbean Cruises but also the largest ship in the world. Young with its maiden voyage last June 2015, the Harmony is sure to promise the latest and most interesting facilities around at sea. The ship boasts of modern technology that allows the cruise to run at the most efficient energy consumption and functions efficiency. The ship may look austere from the outside, but stepping in equates to finding yourself in a blissful and extraordinary adventure to a realm of glitz, glam, and glory you’ve never yet seen.

[fa type=”bed”] Accommodation

Toning down the traditional blondes and earthen tones, the Harmony gears up your energy with its nautical hues and ashy grays as the canvass of its cabins to highlight the features of the room. Each one is beautifully condensed without scrimping on space and functions. The Harmony may be the best choice for takes per greenback, as even the simplest cabins have the best furnishings from the two beds convertible to a King size, literally spacious storage, to huge flat-screen TVs and programmable safes. Choices from ocean-view, atrium-view, or even interior cabins are still the best buy whichever the choice is.

[fa type=”cutlery”] Food

Simply, free dining is grand, add up a choice or two of specialty chains on board, and dining is festal and majestic an experience. Traditional dining is presented at the American Icon, while The Grande and The Silk Dining Halls allow for free time dining where reservations are always highly encouraged. As for the buffet, the Windjammer Marketplace serves world cuisine at a casual eatery style open round-the-clock. Bistros, cafes, and specialty restaurants varies widely from 24-hour to early or late hour services. Room service, especially breakfast, is a popular option though the menu is far simpler as an escape from the usual busy bustles at peak hours.

[fa type=”ticket”] Activities

The Vitality Spa is generous and spacious with 23 treatment rooms and a thermal suite to boot. The renowned Steiner Leisure runs the spa providing with a wide array of new and classical spa treatments from aroma therapy and massages to exotic treatments like bamboo massages and aroma stones. As the spa may sometimes be packed, reservations are highly encouraged. The fitness center at Deck 6 is spread as the width of the ship is filled with rooms and spaces complete with standard and new equipment. A jogging track is also available well shaded and sheltered at Deck 5. There is no limit to the choices to stay fit and well in this ship indeed.

[fa type=”group”] Families

Dreamworks takes this Royal Caribbean Cruise a notch higher when it comes to children and family options for entertainment and activities with extensive selection events and services at hand, from the Aquanaut games and meets to Imagination Studio’s science experiments and thought-and-talent-teaser activities. A nursery is also available, on top of well-trained groups of youth staffers and counselors.


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