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For novice cruisers, one of the most helpful places to go to is our Tips & Advice section, offering handy expert guides to maximising your time on the water – and on dry land when you’re out and about on a shore excursion. This will provide a helping hand when it comes to choosing a destination, a line, your dates and the level of on board accommodation that suits you and your budget best.

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Of course, one of the most popular drawcards to any river cruise – aside from the lush scenery, a gorgeous sense of watching the outside world float by, and the opportunity to soak up centuries of history and immerse yourself in other cultures – is the phenomenal standard of the Dining on board. Here you’ll learn of the myriad gastronomic delights that await you on your preferred ship, and we can tell you the culinary experiences are getting better all the time.

River cruising is absolutely booming in popularity at a staggering pace that often belies the leisurely itineraries themselves!

And now you’ve taken the first step in what could be a lifechanging decision to explore the world’s waterways in genuine style. It’s a competitive market with lots of players operating in Europe, South-East Asia and, increasingly, the US. So when you decide you’re ready to embark on a glorious, truly fascinating journey of discovery, make River Cruise Passenger your very first port of call.