A Budapest court has ordered the Ukrainian captain of the Viking Sigyn to be remanded back into custody, the captain’s attorney told reporters last week.

Earlier in May, the Viking Sigyn and a local sightseeing boat collided on a busy stretch of the Danube River, resulting in the deaths of 33 South Korean nationals and two Hungarian nationals.

The court has ordered the 64-year-old Ukrainian captain’s detention for a duration of 30 days, saying he posed a flight risk or could tamper with evidence, the captain’s lawyer M. Gabor Toth told Hungary Today.

He said that the defence will appeal the decision.

The local courts said in a statement that a new expert has been assigned to help retrieve mobile phone data deleted by the suspect.

The court also suggested that the captain had deleted data stored in his mobile phone after the collision. The recovery process is still ongoing.

But an opinion by a new expert may lead to new data to the inclusion of new witnesses in the investigation.

After the accident, the captain was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal misconduct but later released on bail.