A Bulgarian cruise ship ship lost all power and hit a concrete wall, injuring 11 passengers in an eerie echo of the Baltimore Bridge tragedy.

The Bulgarian ship was carrying 160 passengers, was sailing the Danube at Aschach an der Donau on March 29th when the incident happened.

Local police declined to identify the vessel but issued a statement saying 11 people were taken to hospital as a result of the crash. Six others suffered less serious injuries.

The ship was traveling from Passau, Bavaria in Germany to the Austrian city of Linz, a spokesperson for police in the nearby town of Eferding said.

But it lost all power and was unable to control itself when leaving the lock chamber, and its right bow and left aft crashed into the lock walls.

The officer in charge “pressed the emergency switch, whereupon the electronics started up again.”

A full investigation is being carried out.

The Danube is one of the busiest and longest rivers in Europe, attracting tens of thousands of river cruisers every year.

Meanwhile, the industry as a strong safety record with few mishaps.

Earlier in 2023, a Ukrainian captain of a cruise liner was sentenced to five years in prison in Hungary for his role in a 2019 accident when his boat hit and sank a smaller boat on the River Danube, killing 25 South Korean tourists and two crew.