Luxury line Crystal River Cruises announced that its first ship, the Crystal Mozart will be departing the fleet.

The largest of the fleet, will be transferred Genting Cruise Lines at the start of the 2020 cruise season.

The plan for the Crystal Mozart is that it be used as part of another venture for its sister company, Genting Cruise Lines. The two lines, including Dream Cruises, Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises is owned by Genting Hong Kong.

Crystal Mozart will depart the fleet after her final cruise on December 2, 2019, from Vienna to Budapest.

Guests booked on Crystal Mozart in 2020 will be accommodated on similar Danube river itineraries offered by Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel.

The Crystal Mozart was launched mid 2016 as the inaugural ship for Crystal River Cruises. She was once Europe’s largest river ship, up till AmaMagna’s debut this month.

Both ships are 22 metres wide but the AmaMagna carries 194 guests is 135 metres long, beating Crystal Mozart’s exclusive 158 guest count and 120.4 metre length.

With the departure of Crystal Mozart, the average age of the line’s remaining ships – identical new-builds Crystal Bach, DebussyMahler and Ravel – will be under two years.

All launched between 2017 and 2018, they will be the youngest fleet of luxury ships in the river industry.

“While the new ships’ itineraries vary, our guests and travel advisors will now find a uniform ship experience across the full fleet,” said Tom Wolber, Crystal’s president & CEO. “

“Crystal Mozart set the stage for Crystal River Cruises’ debut as she was the inaugural ship of the summer of 2016. We are pleased to see her carrying onward with Genting Cruise Lines.”